Application advantages of wireless communication energy meters

What are the application advantages of wireless communication energy meters? To put it bluntly, the wireless network definitely does not need to be suspended, which is the most beneficial guarantee for dealing with the problem of on-site installation.

Which wireless communication energy meters have practical significance and vitality in the sales market?

In the past, the electricity meter used the method of converting cable TV to wireless network in order to better transmit data. There are several defects in that situation:

1. Installation on the spot is inconvenient. For those who install on the spot, it must be done quickly, easily and efficiently. However, the method of converting cable TV to wireless network must be installed and the staff must have a lot of control over the watt-hour meter, which is unfavorable for installation.

2. Once there is a problem in the middle and late stages, it is more inconvenient to search for the problem, and the after-sales service staff must master the installation structure. Generally speaking, after-sales service staff and installation staff are not the same person.

3. The widening of the cost makes it more inconvenient to adjust the staff on the spot. Cost is related to the most dexterous element of the wireless communication meter customer. Especially the cost of the suspension wire route is very high.

Now it is showing the development trend of the wireless communication meter: In order to better transmit the data information of the wireless communication meter to the intelligent meter reading system software, two methods of carrier communication and GPRS are generally used to carry out the work. The wireless network method often mentioned here is a pure watt-hour meter, which does not go through the equipment that is shared in the middle, such as GPRS.

These two methods are not very good to complete the wireless communication table. The disadvantage is that the cost of the carrier communication power circuit increases, the current is large, and the cable TV cable must be used for transmission. And only in one station area, the transmission distance is limited, and it is very easy to be affected. Generally, the communication is in the middle of the night and the power consumption is low, and the load characteristic impedance of the power consumption control loop under all stations is the largest. . The GPRS wireless communication meter also has many shortcomings, the first is the widening of the cost. This is not the key reason. The fundamental problem is that every GPRS wireless communication meter must use a phone card, and there is a total traffic application cost every month.

There is also a direct reason that cannot be ignored: the regulations on the power supply circuit are very high. Because of the large amount of current, there is no doubt that the power transformer will be used to complete the communication function of GPRS. The cost of such a wireless communication meter has been widened. This is nothing. The main reason is that the power transformer is very easy to break, and the impact on the entire power network will increase. This is not acceptable for the emerald green power network. Moreover, in the GPRS wireless communication meter targeted by the smart meter reading system software, there are several sockets, several port numbers, and IP addresses on the communication. It is very inconvenient for the smart meter reading system software to transmit data smoothly. There is no doubt that adjusting the communication staff is to increase the difficulty factor.

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