Benefits Of Using Wireless Energy Meter In Construction Site

There are many aspects of the necessity of the application of natural environment wireless communication table in the construction site. Now, according to the enterprise's intelligent meter reading field work, personnel must get the following aspects of the key practical significance of wireless communication meter:

1. The cost of on-site installation personnel, which is the necessary additional cost in every new project of intelligent meter reading. And the cost is not low.

2. Professional and technical training for on-site installation personnel. Due to the technical aspects of professional knowledge, so the installation personnel also need to carry out on-site learning and training, which undoubtedly increases the cost. It is not as simple as the watt hour meter in the past

Wiring of power supply system lines.

3. Because it is not a wireless communication meter, in the wiring of wired meters, the technical layer is the communication layer. This will increase the execution time of new projects. To a certain extent, it is impossible because the time allocated by customers is relatively limited.

It is unlikely that a new smart meter reading project will extend the time endlessly. We often have to discuss with customers about the time we delay on site. This will jeopardize the customer's time for other projects.

4. Potential safety hazard of on-site installation, due to the increase of communication lines for cable TV watt hour meter. This communication line is likely to be together with the cable. Generally, there is no unnecessary natural environment on site to increase the standard of communication line installation. That will cause the field installation personnel to encounter the cable when installing the communication line, which is very unsafe.

5. After the construction of the installation project, the safety risk in the natural environment of the later application, the problem here is that the electrostatic induction of the communication line penetrates the machinery and equipment on the communication line. If installed wireless communication watch, such problem won't have certainly. Even in some cases, it will penetrate the power circuit, which is a challenge to the security of the application personnel.

6. After the site installation, we will communicate with the site adjustment personnel to master the reasonable layout of the line, which is a difficult problem. There is no doubt that increasing the cost will consume a lot of time.

7. The on-site adjustment personnel should also carry out some line detection with the installation personnel.

8. The adjustment personnel should also carry out point by point detection and communication according to the notebook. This is a long-distance detection and communication, which is not very difficult to check. The number of adjustment personnel must be increased.

9. In the installation line above, the installation personnel's application of special tools is increased, due to the application of line installation.

10. In general, the problems do not include all of them, but only part of them. If all the application wireless communication table, this problem will be solved.

Therefore, the necessity of wireless communication meter in the natural environment of intelligent meter reading field application can not be underestimated.

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