Calibration Current And Larger Rated Current Of Ammeter

Calibration current and larger rated current of ammeter

1. Among the performance parameters of the civil type ammeter, the same is that the rated current is 220 or 380 volts, the frequency is 50Hz and the level is 2.0.

The different main parameters are the calibration current and the larger rated current of the meter.

It is said that the calibration current is the basic current that the meter can operate normally in a long time.

It is the main parameter to clarify the relevant characteristics of the meter, which is indicated by IB. In addition to the function of measuring and verifying the basic power consumption of traditional watt hour meter, Chengdu intelligent meter has the functions of double and diverse interest rate measurement and verification, local operation, dual data communication function of various transmission modes, and anti stealing function in order to better integrate smart energy and new energy technology, Intelligent meter means the future development prospect of the intelligent system terminal equipment of the intelligent energy end-user of environmental protection type.

The higher rated current is the larger current value that the meter can consider the accuracy of its manufacturing standard, which is indicated by IMAX.

Therefore, the customer must make clear which meters are used according to the size of load current. Calibration current and large rated current of ammeter

The limit of power consumption shall not exceed the short circuit capacity of the meter, and the low limit shall not be less than the load current required by the allowable deviation of the meter.

2. In order to better consider the standard accuracy of the larger current values. Chengdu prepaid meter is not used for manual water meter reading, which is beneficial to modern management. With the implementation of "one household one meter", the number of intelligent water meters in power supply enterprises' operation and management has greatly increased. The installation of prepaid meters is the best choice for power supply companies to improve modern management and improve service quality.

According to the current of the meter, it can reach twice, triple and quadruple of its basic current, some of which can reach eight times, and can not reach the standard basic current value of twice.

If a customer installed a meter only has a current value, such as 5a, this is only the basic current value, and is not the larger current allowed.

In general, it is difficult to be overweight to 120% of these meters and can consider the precise measurement of meters

3. At present, the maximum current of the civil type ammeter is 80A. If the total current of all high-power appliances is combined in 80A and below, such an instant connected meter can be applied. For the large power electric appliances, the total current is close to 80A and 80A, the volume should be increased according to the current and voltage transformer. For the rated voltage is not suitable, it is necessary to expand the scope of working voltage according to the transformer. Welder world

Current of factory nameplate of electric meter 5


A. What does 5A mean? Any difference?

The current value before the bracket is called the calibration current, which is used to calculate the current value of the load quantity. The current in the bracket is called the rated current, which can make the meter work normally for a long time, and the deviation and heating up shall take the specified larger current value into account thoroughly.

According to the technical specifications, the calibration current of the immediately connected meter shall be determined according to the rated current and load ratio. Among them, the rated current shall be determined according to the load volume reported by the approved customer; Load ratio: for the specific load current of all meters in normal operation, it is better to take 2 times of the meter if the specific load current of all meters is above 30% of the larger rated current; If the specific load current is less than 30%, 4 times meter shall be selected.

When household distribution is generally doubled, considering the necessity of increasing the electricity consumption of households in a certain period, the meter with a larger rated current of 20a will be applied for 10A. Considering that the household electricity consumption changes greatly with the cycle, the four times meter, namely 5a, is used to better measure and verify accurately.

The meaning is that 5A meter is twice smaller than the larger allowable application current of 10a and 5A, and the larger allowable application current of 5A meter and 10A meter is the same, but the measurement and verification of 5A is more accurate under light load.

Calibration current of ammeter

There is always a word on the meter indicating current, such as 10A

10 is to say that the calibration current of the meter is 10a and the larger rated current is 20A

The meter is quite unique. He is different from the general high-power electrical appliances. The 10 expression here is that the rated current is blocked. Because the base of the standard is 380V, it is not his rated current, but it shows that he should be applied in 380V power supply circuit, which means that even in 190V and 12a power source circuit, he can work normally, Therefore, the meaning of the calibration current here is totally different from that of the rated current. The working voltage here can not be called rated current. It is properly stated that the calibration current of the meter is 10a, and the rated current is 20A

Difference between rated current and calibration current of ammeter

Rated current is for high-power electrical appliances, which refers to the current in all normal operation of high-power appliances. When the specific current exceeds or is lower than the rated current, the high-power electrical appliances can not work normally. Therefore, in application, it is generally necessary to work under the rated current and the application of household appliances can work normally. The calibration current refers to that the current in the work should not exceed it, and can be lower than it, but generally it can not exceed twice the calibrated current.

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