Campus smart energy management system


Smart campus energy management system is a comprehensive management platform for energy use monitoring, abnormal energy consumption control and energy use management for various energy use sites on campus. Through the cloud platform to collect a large number of basic data for statistical analysis, for customers to eliminate energy security risks, greatly reduce the cost of energy to provide a reference.

The core function

1. Automatic meter reading

2. Intelligence reports

3. Energy consumption analysis

4. Consumption settlement

5. Start/stop equipment intelligently

6. lighting Light and shade adjustment

7. Vicious load intelligent identify and control

8. Timer trip

9. Energy alerts and reminder

10. Self-service enquiry and payment - WeChat, mobile APP

Application places

1. Management of energy use in administrative office buildings -- lighting, air conditioning, power outlets and elevator self-determination open and close

2. Conference room energy management - lighting, air conditioning, socket independent discrimination open and close

3. Library energy management -Aera lighting control, automatic control of air condition

4. Dormitory energy management - high power electrical appliances, malignant load identification, Self-help payment.

5. Classroom energy management - lighting, fans, and outlets itself determines whether to open or close

6. Canteen energy management - lighting, ventilation fan, air conditioning, elevator intelligent judgment.

7. Laboratory energy management - lighting, air conditioning, electrical outlets, and laboratory equipment independently identify the opening and closing

8. Campus street lamp management - control street lamp switch time according to the illumination, fault street lamp alarm.

Advantages and Features

Hierarchical distribution - The whole system is divided into main station layer, communication layer and site instrument layer.

High reliability hardware - With high performance and reliability, the device has strong anti-interference ability

Unitary function - The protection and monitoring of all units are strictly independent, and the failure of any device does not affect the normal operation of other devices.

Unitary structure - All units are independently configured strictly according to the primary loop equipment, which simplifies the structure of the whole system and facilitates the operation, maintenance, overhaul and system expansion.

Compact networking and network communication - The application of field-bus technology fully meets the requirement of large data communication processing in power monitoring system.

Good openness - The system supports Ethernet, serial port and other communication interfaces. Supports up to 100 different protocols.

Mother Company: Guangdong Super Telecom Co., Ltd. (Stock No. SH.603322)

Business Type: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified Manufacturer

Main Products: Telecom SCADA; Energy Meter; RTU; Cabinet air conditioner; CRAC

Total Annual Revenue: US$ 14 Million-US$20 Million

Main Market: Asia, South America, Europe

Location: Chengdu, China (Panda’s homeland)

Year Established: 2010

R&D Achieves: 16 product patents; 6 software copyrights

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