Common Pre-Storage Methods For Prepaid Electricity Meters

Prepaid electricity meters are also called quantitative analysis watt-hour meters and IC card meters. In addition to the measurement verification function of general watt-hour meters, customers have to buy electricity first, and then can use electricity. If the electricity is used up If the customer does not buy electricity in time, the power supply system will be interrupted by the automatic sealing and control switching power supply.

There are two prepaid methods, one is the coding method, and the other is the writing three-in-one.

The basic principle of the coding method is: the intelligent management system integrates customer information and power purchase information content into a set of data encryption codes, which are handed over to the customer to type into the watt-hour meter, and the watt-hour meter obtains the prepaid electricity consumption after proper deciphering Or quota and save.

Write three-in-one: load the reserved electricity consumption or quota into a special electronic card (storage), and hand it over to the customer to hold the electronic card to the matching watt-hour meter for communication, and the reservation value is automatically sent to the watt-hour meter .

Electronic cards, or IC cards, or electricity purchase cards, are all made of special IC chips after unique packaging. Generally, electricity purchase cards are divided into capacitive grid and non-contact type according to the communication method.

Rongcha has: credit card, key card, non-contact type: radio frequency card, remote control card.

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