DC Energy Meter(no screen)

Brief Introduction

HOP's multi channel DC energy meter ranges from 12V DC to 1000V DC and 10A DC to 600A DC, with high measurment accuracy of class 1.0 widely used in telecom, solar and industrial application.

Model No DDZY 1737C-DC is a 6-channel DC smart energy meter is mainly used in telecom cabinet air conditioner to measure the DC power generated from solar power system or other DC power supply systems. Open loop clamp type Hall Sensors are applied with the DC energy meter for easy and quick installation at site that the existing circuit would not be interfered or cut off.

Technical Data

Accuracy class
Input voltage
AC 230V Or DC 24V or DC 40-260V
75mV shunt
Operation current range
0.05Ib~ Imax
Starting current
Power consumption
2W / 10VA
Relative humidity
≤ 85%
Operation temperature
 -20°C ~ +70°C
CE, ROHS, IEC62053-21
Net weight

Main Functions

● Current combined energy consumption and current monthly consumption can be separately measured

● Measure DC current voltage energy and power

● Record and alarm of under-voltage over-voltage power-failure etc.

● Automatic reading monthly with latest 24 months’ data stored

● The data of current power consumption time (year month day hour minute second) will be stored once a minute and 1500 records can be stored for each item.

● Store monthly frozen energy with storage capability of 24 records

● Record and store the latest 500 alarm records

● Local storage function to avoid energy data loss

● Data inside the meter can be read via RS485 port

● Remotely broadcast time to the meter via RS485 communication port

● With the function remote sign remote measure remote control remote adjust

● RS485 interface Baud rate can be set as 600-9600bps;

● Meter communication default parameter: 2400 N 8 1

Wiring & Dimension

Mother Company: Guangdong Super Telecom Co., Ltd. (Stock No. SH.603322)

Business Type: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified Manufacturer

Main Products: Telecom SCADA; Energy Meter; RTU; Cabinet air conditioner; CRAC

Total Annual Revenue: US$ 14 Million-US$20 Million

Main Market: Asia, South America, Europe

Location: Chengdu, China (Panda’s homeland)

Year Established: 2010

R&D Achieves: 16 product patents; 6 software copyrights

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