Ethernet DTU

Environment monitor of temperature, humidity, access status.

Equipment Failure alarm notice.

Hybrid AC DC energy measurement, 12 months’ data storage

Integration design makes the energy management more efficient

Mobile pad or APP is optional for quick operation.

Optional built-in GSM communication module

Remote control for site air conditioners with on/off, switch, IR


To meet the telecom energy management smarter, HOP Technology is now developing a complete RTU Package for SCADA system. Here "RTU" means "Remote Telemetry Unit" or "Remote Terminal Unit". Our RTU package is an integrated hardware consist of energy meter, programmable logic controller and communication module. Our system is specially designed for telecom base station (BTS) with the function of AC/DC electrical energy measuring, access control monitoring, indoor & outdoor environment monitoring, air conditioner remote controlling, etc. We name it as HRTU-01.

HRTU-01 contains 4high-accuracyelectrical energy chips for DC and single/Three phase AC measuring, respectively. An optional built-in GSM communication module enables the data directly transmitted to the SCADA system. The main functions are as below:

1. Active, reactive and combined active power measuring

2. DC current, DC voltage, DC power, AC current, AC voltage, active power, power factor and line frequency monitoring

3. Temperature and Humiture of indoor/outdoor monitoring

4. Temperature of air conditioner outlet monitoring

5. Door opening or closing of base station room monitoring

6. Warning for high temperature, abnormal access control system and air conditioning failure

7. Turn off failed air conditioner and turn on the backup one automatically

8. Provide on-off control for some old air conditioners by relay

9. Provide monthly automatic calculation for DC and AC electric quantity. Up to 12 months of data storage

10. Display information with dot-matrix LCD. Provide menu mode and polling display mode

11. Provide remote data reading and equipment controlling with RS485 communication interface

12. GSM communication module is an option

Mother Company: Guangdong Super Telecom Co., Ltd. (Stock No. SH.603322)

Business Type: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified Manufacturer

Main Products: Telecom SCADA; Energy Meter; RTU; Cabinet air conditioner; CRAC

Total Annual Revenue: US$ 14 Million-US$20 Million

Main Market: Asia, South America, Europe

Location: Chengdu, China (Panda’s homeland)

Year Established: 2010

R&D Achieves: 16 product patents; 6 software copyrights

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