1. What is the cooling capacity you have for the cabinet air conditioner?

For telecom enclosure cooling, we have almost all the capacity you need, and the hot sale models are for 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1500W, 200W, 2500W.

2. Hop cabinet air conditioner?

Our cabinet air conditioners are mainly for telecom shelter with high EER of 2.21

3. What is the uplink communication mode between data collector (RTU) and data server? And what is the downlink communication mode between data collector (RTU) and smart energy meter?

Uplink communication includes: GPRS, 3G/4G, TD_LTE, NB_IOT, Ethernet, etc.Downlink communication includes: Infrared, RS485, pulse, PLC. etc.

4. Do you have any good solution for base station energy management? Such as energy consumption of each item and the PUE of the whole base station, better with monthly energy report.

Yes, we can install a multi-channel smart energy meter to measure the energy of grid power, air conditioner, and power supply. The data will be transmitted to the energy management platform for analysis.

5.Could you offer the remote monitor port for cabinet air conditioner?

Yes, we can offer RS485 port for remote monitoring.