How is the active power measurement of single-phase smart meters realized?

1. The working principle of a single-phase smart energy meter

The working principle of the single-phase smart electric energy meter is that the measured AC voltage and current are sampled with high precision and sent to a dedicated electric energy metering chip. After a series of digital processing, they are converted into a pulse frequency signal proportional to the active power and sent to the microprocessor. The processor will time-sharing and accumulate the pulse signal according to the time period charge rate to obtain the total power and the power of each charge rate, and save the results in the data memory. The microprocessor performs the functions of displaying and exchanging information with the outside at the same time.

2. Ways of cost control

The realization of the cost control function is divided into two ways: local and remote: the remote way is realized through virtual media such as carrier wave or RS485 and remote electricity sales system.

3. The main functions of single-phase smart meters:

a. When the remaining amount is less than or equal to the set alarm amount, the electric energy meter can remind the user with sound, light or other means; the overdraft amount should be recorded in real time, and when the overdraft amount is lower than the set overdraft threshold amount, the electric energy meter emits Power-off signal, control load switch to interrupt power supply;

b. When the electric energy meter receives the effective renewal of the electricity bill information, the overdraft amount is first deducted. When the remaining amount is greater than the set value (default is zero), the electric energy meter can be placed in the allowable closing state through remote or local methods. The power supply is restored locally manually.

c. The remaining amount cannot exceed the larger amount of stored value of the electric energy meter allowed by the design; the larger amount of stored value is determined by the display digit of the electric energy meter.

d. Rates and time periods: There are two sets of rate schedules, which can be automatically converted at the agreed time; each set of rates supports 4 rates. With calendar and clock, 2 time zones can be set throughout the year, 8 time periods can be programmed arbitrarily within 24h;

E. Freezing function: It has functions such as timed freezing, instantaneous freezing, agreed freezing, and daily freezing.

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