How To Clear The Reverse Phase Sequence Alarm Of The Electric Meter

The reverse phase sequence of the smart meter refers to the connected three-phase voltage or current signal line, whose phase sequence is inconsistent with the standard ABC three-phase marked on the terminal of the electric meter. In this case, it does not affect the meter's electricity consumption.

Reverse phase sequence alarms need to be checked: ①Is the power supply's incoming phase sequence reversed; ②Whether the U, V, and W voltage lines entering the meter are reversed, if it is reversed, it belongs to the voltage reverse phase sequence;

Common code display of electric meter failure:

Meter display code: FF.FF.FF.FE.51

Meter display content: Err-51

Note: Indicates that the meter is overloaded (refer to Note 2)

Meter display code: FF.FF.FF.FE.52

Meter display content: Err-52

Note: Indicates that the current of the meter is seriously unbalanced

Meter display code: FF.FF.FF.FE.53

Meter display content: Err-53

Note: Indicates that the meter is overvoltage

Meter display code: FF.FF.FF.FE.54

Meter display content: Err-54

Note: Indicates that the power factor of the meter exceeds the limit

Meter display code: FF.FF.FF.FE.55

Meter display content: Err-55

Note: Indicates the alarm event of excessive active power demand of the electric meter

Meter display code: FF.FF.FF.FE.56

Meter display content: Err-56

Note: Indicates that the direction of active energy of the meter changes (except for two-way metering)

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