How To Solve The Fault Of Smart Meter Display

There are usually two types of display failures. One is abnormal digital display, including incomplete display and lack of strokes. The second is to produce backlight failure

When the digital display is abnormal, first use a universal pen to measure the battery voltage stability.
If the voltage is normal, you need to consider whether the display itself has quality problems. It is usually caused by loose soldering between the chip and the LCD screen.

The failure of digital abnormality is generally caused by the failure of the LCD screen, so it is very important to choose a high-quality LCD screen. Secondly, it is necessary to store and use scientifically and reasonably, and choose to avoid
It is stored in a high-temperature and high-humidity-free environment, which can effectively prevent the polarizer from corroding the electrode. It is also regularly checked and tested during use.

Backlight failure mainly refers to the abnormal color or brightness of the display screen, which makes the digital display of the electric meter unclear and difficult to read the meter. Poor heat dissipation is the main cause of backlight failure.

The smart meter will generate a lot of heat during long-term operation, and the heat will accumulate in the meter if the heat is not timely. As a result, the internal connection circuit of the entire smart meter will operate at a high temperature for a long time. This will affect the normal operation of the circuit and shorten the service life of the smart meter.

Once a backlight failure occurs, replacing the display screen in whole or in part is the only treatment measure, which is likely to cause cost waste. Therefore, preventing and reducing the occurrence of backlight failure is an effective treatment
Measures, in the actual use process, pay attention to the heat dissipation of the meter, regularly check whether the heat dissipation is good, try to use it reasonably, and avoid long-term overload operation of the meter.

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