How To Use Prepaid Energy Meter

1. The prepaid meter is qualified when it leaves the factory and sealed with a lead seal. It can be installed and used. If it is lead-free or stored for a long time, it should be re-checked and sealed by the relevant department before it can be installed and used.

2. The prepaid meter should be installed in a dry and ventilated place, and the bottom plate of the meter should be fixed on a solid fire-resistant wall that is not prone to vibration.

3. Connect the wires according to the wiring diagram, tighten the connection screws, and tighten the connecting plate in the terminal box.

4. The red window on the nameplate of the prepaid meter represents a decimal, and the black window represents an integer. The indication of the transformer-connected electric meter must be multiplied by the transformation ratio before it is the actual electric energy.

5. Before purchasing electricity, the user must insert the IC card into the IC card socket on the meter, so that the data in the meter can be sent back to the computer database.

6. When selling electricity, insert the IC card into the IC card reader. At the same time, the computer is operated, and the user code, pre-purchased power, limited capacity and limited power are encrypted and written into the IC card.

7. During the operation of the prepaid meter, if the user needs to know the remaining power in the meter at the time, just insert the card into the meter to display it.

8. During the operation of the prepaid meter, if the display flashes to show the remaining power and the over-capacity indicator lights up, it warns the user that the over-capacity has been used. If the user inserts the card in response, the power supply can be restored immediately.

9. The IC card held by the user is not interchangeable. The meter always corresponds to an IC card. In the event of loss, you should go to the power supply department (electricity sales office) to complete the card replacement procedure.

10. When the remaining power is low, the power meter will be turned off to warn of power failure, and the switch indicator will light up. At this time, insert the IC card into the meter once and the power supply will be restored.

11. The remaining power is displayed as zero. If the meter continues to run and the overdraft indicator lights up at the same time, the user should purchase electricity immediately.

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