In What Areas Can The Guide Rail Prepaid Electric Energy Meter Be Widely Used?

Guide rail type prepaid watt-hour meters are generally used in dormitories, colleges, intelligent buildings, large shopping malls and various housing industries.

Because some customers have weak reputation, high financial risks, and weak economic returns, it is an objective reality. The acquisition of utility bills has always been a difficulty for property management companies. In the past, the key reason for the difficulty in acquiring utility bills for property management was the old utility bills. There are system loopholes in the acquisition management mechanism. In the past, the electricity engineering marketing method of “customers use electricity first, pay later” was often used in the past, which made the acquisition of water and electricity fees difficult to have a certain inevitable trend.

In this way, the power supply bureau only reads the water meter charging standards in accordance with the summary table, and the property management has to advance the water and electricity fees, and then move on to the shop charging standards. For customers with high financial risks and poor economic returns, they will pay the water and electricity fees when they encounter problems. The temporary idleness of other matters will create the risk of purchasing water and electricity fees for the property management service unit.

In the past two years, some other methods have been used to deal with the difficulty in acquiring water and electricity fees, such as installment charging standards, water and electricity fee guarantees, etc. However, under the strategic vision of “use electricity first, pay later”, The effect is very limited. A very simple method is to adopt a prepaid watt-hour meter management mechanism that pays first and consumes electricity later, so that the property management service unit's water and electricity fee acquisition work has a new look.

The guide rail prepaid electric energy meter is a new generation of smart electric meters developed by our company in response to the national appeal for energy conservation and consumption reduction and integration into the dormitory and intelligent building on-site construction regulations. It adds a prepaid function. The product complies with the relevant specifications of GBT17215GBT17883. It is an ideal watt-hour meter for reforming and innovating the traditional power consumption system and improving the power consumption management ability.

This series of watt-hour meters is mainly used in the single-phase and three-phase power management industry with a frequency in the range of 45~65Hz. It can accurately measure the power consumption information content in the power network, and carry out data information interaction based on the data-encrypted IC card or RS485 communication and management method page. The built-in 100A automotive relay in the dashboard can complete local tripping and reclosing, and then complete the prepayment function, remote control communication function to complete the remote control real-time monitoring system; malignant load identification function, real-time monitoring of load characteristics, and find that the malignant load exceeds the door limit value Turn off the power immediately; over-load, monitor the output power value in real time, turn off the power immediately after the threshold is exceeded; customers can set the main parameters of the watt-hour meter according to the specific situation on the spot, which is convenient to use, easy to operate, and highly accurate; it is generally used Various industries such as housing, intelligent building, large shopping malls, dormitories, and colleges.

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