Introduction Of Anti Stealing Function Of Smart Energy Meter

Smart meter can help you to accurately and quickly grasp the power consumption and make the power saving scheme. Why is it accurate? This is because the structure of the electronic meter is different from that of the mechanical table. The mechanical table is very easy to cause error deviation due to the mechanical damage and vibration caused by rotation. Unlike the mechanical table, the electronic meter has no wheel or mechanical damage. Therefore, its error characteristics are good. The error curve from wide load to large load is vertical, and it is easy to operate error and has higher accuracy than mechanical meter.

1: Anti stealing function

According to the technical features of double circuit power supply measurement verification, double circuit power supply off power supply (single phase power supply), time record, electromagnetic field inspection, open meter cover inspection, etc., the anti stealing function is completed.

2: Remote control and transmission function of data information

The integration of the technical features of microcomputer, digital communication system and instrument panel measurement verification is completed. It integrates the measurement verification, data collection, transmission data and data processing methods. It solves the multi-facet comprehensive solution of user power information, and completes the intelligent meter reading function according to the output of data signal. This function avoids the problems of distorted power consumption, wrong copy, missed copy and non immediate water meter.

3: Full automatic pull and reclosing function

Intelligent meter can complete remote operation of analog switch in the meter according to the setting of software of power management system, and then realize the function of power cut-off.

4: Function of compound interest rate

According to the setting of system and terminal software, the charging standard of time sharing diagram, different time period, national legal holiday or different monthly electricity consumption shall be charged at different prices.

5: Search function

It is applicable to the mobile phone to quickly query, information such as electricity, historical time, instant electricity, etc., master their different time power consumption status, and be a user of energy saving and frugal use.

6: Data storage and backup data function

The intelligent meter adopts special memory and several data information storage and put countermeasures. Once there is any abnormality or loss of data information in one or several places, it can be corrected and restored by other places.

7: Anti cheating function

Select the authorized login password to operate the actual operation, and set up the operation log, which can record the operation process in detail, and avoid intentional actual operation or cheating.

8: Liquidation and accounting

According to the intelligent meter, the accurate and immediate cost clearing information can be solved; In addition, users can get accurate and immediate energy consumption information and accounting information.

9: Prepayment function

Smart meter is upgraded again to complete the online mobile payment function. If it is based on the payment on the mobile phone and wechat public platform, it is OK to pay the fee without going out in a long line, which will give users a more convenient and convenient feeling.

10: Account balance alarm and information transmission function

Smart meter can prompt the user to pay the fee immediately when the balance of the electricity charge is insufficient. The information is automatically pushed to wechat public platform. Users can only pay online according to the mobile phone, without worrying about the power failure of the deduction.

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