Oil engine power generation monitoring management system solution


This system is designed and developed to solve the monitoring of power generation cost in the "three fees" of base station, aiming to make the power generation data "transparent", the power generation process "automatic" and the power generation information "standardized".

After the power failure of the base station, the system makes an intelligent evaluation and dispatch according to the battery standby time and the nearby oil engine.

The agent maintenance company received the work order, arrived at the base station to start the oil engine power generation, monitoring module upload power generation data.

After the platform receives the power generation data, it compares the base station information and power generation time of the power generation data with the distribution electrician order, matches the power generation is effective, and sends the approved power generation data to the maintenance platform.

From the date of receipt of data and single dispatch of power generation workers to the maintenance platform, the power generation cost settlement basis shall be formed and the power generation cost shall be reimbursed.

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Send generation data to dynamic environment platform Power generation data (power generation location, power generation starting and ending time, power generation duration, etc.) can be sent to the dynamic environment platform, which will check the power generation data according to the dispatch order information There is only data in the oil engine monitoring platform, so it is impossible to connect the oil engine power generation data with the dynamic environment platform. According to the power failure time and battery maintenance time displayed in the moving ring system, the dynamic environment platform will send orders to the maintenance company, and check the information of sending electrical orders according to the reported power generation data
The generation data is sent to the maintenance platform Power generation data of oil generator (power generation location, power generation starting and ending time, power generation time, etc.) are sent to the generation platform, which generates power generation cost according to the generation time Manual statement statistics, calculation of power generation costs Generation data and generation cost are generated by generation dispatch order and generation monitoring system
APP power generation application Power generation application or manual power generation report can be conducted by APP, so that power generation can be timely generated and confirmed when the power generation monitoring module fails. There is no such function When the power generation monitoring module is abnormal, it can still ensure normal power generation and return power generation data.
APP installation APP at Terminal When the monitoring terminal of power generation is installed on site, the information of power generation terminal and oil generator can be registered, tested and saved. There is no such function. Ensure the oil monitor terminal installation accuracy and timely troubleshooting

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