Rail transit station energy control system solution


1. No IOT card fee cost.

2. No loss occur of meter data in professional energy collector

3. The meter supports 1-4 metering channels

Area intelligent power saving control

1. According to the indoor temperature and the density of people, zonal adjustment of air-conditioning cooling temperature.

2. According to the station area opening time, do automatic switch on, switch off control.

3. Group control and dimming control of lamps and lanterns according to sunshine light intensity.

4. According to indoor carbon dioxide concentration, intermittent ventilation of warm equipment.

Lighting control

Intelligent lighting control according to the use function of the station area, providing the perfect lighting control and the management method, lighting control system through the station local area network (LAN) to form a unified system, through the multi-level control management, combined with the control module (switch/dimmer), light detector, such as clock controller automation equipment to realize intelligent management.

Ventilating Control

Control air conditioning, evaporator air conditioner, air purifier equipment such as switch control, adjust the speed, temperature and humidity control, air volume control, according to the indoor temperature and humidity, CO2 concentration detection, PM2.5 dust sensor detecting data, combined with the airport station work schedules, within the airport on ventilation.

Elevator control

Elevator control according to the use function of each area of the station, whether there is a person in the area, at the same time according to the working time of the station, the control part of the elevator system is composed of a wireless local area network, through the multi-level control for management, combined with the control module (switch/speed regulation), human body detection, clock controller, to achieve intelligent management.

Using multi-channel rail meter and embedded meters of our company, these two kinds of meters can measure voltage, current, power (forward, reverse, total), power factor, electricity (forward, reverse, total). Also, there is prompt when Power data is negative caused by CT reversed connection to meter. In this case, the error can be corrected on the spot. At the same time, because of the power factor collected by the meter, A,B,C three-phase current and voltage phase error, phase sequence error can be found easily.

Collector advantage

Compared with the "AB" PLC, the power of the multi-channel electricity meter is sent to the PLC module through the RS485 communication interface. The data of the PLC module is converted into the data of the electricity meter into Ethernet frame, which is sent to the switch through the Ethernet interface and then transmitted to the monitoring center through the router for service collection. Our collector has more advantages.

More flexible and convenient networking establishment

Electricity meter in machine room --- Energy consumption collector --- interchanger --- Gateway (router)---Servers

Electricity meter outside machine room --- Wireless energy collector ---Servers

More accurate data.

With infrared, 433M small wireless, RS485 interface, pulse acquisition port, 2G/3G/4G communication interface.

Can read DL/T 645 protocol, Modbus protocol of smart meters

The terminal supports data collection of up to 32 smart meters.

Platform advantage

1. Power consumption collection can collect the power of each monitoring object at each station

2. Set the electricity price, which can be used to monitor the shops of the site, and the operation objects. Generate electricity consumption and electricity charges for each user, at the same time generate recharge and arrears remind SMS.

3. Abnormal analysis of power factor of collected objects

4. If the meter cannot be installed, it can be measured by virtual meter on the platform.

5. Provide daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reports for each station and line.

6. Provide the power bar chart of each station and each line, monthly and year-on-year change of power consumption.

7. Can be classified according to equipment, such as monitoring, network, air conditioning, ventilation, UPS, elevators and other equipment daily, monthly respectively and summary electricity.

8. Line, site, cabinet three - level query.

9. It can display the real-time electricity consumption, voltage, current, power and power factor of each gate master meter, input master meter, total input of distribution cabinet and output of distribution cabinet.

10. Real-time online monitoring of the collector of the site, offline alarm.

11. Real-time monitoring of the station's electricity meters, offline alarm.

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