Rental property remote prepaid intelligent energy management system

Establish a remote prepaid intelligent energy management system for rental properties

Automatic power saving mode is enabled in not rent business places.

Intelligent sensors and intelligent controllers will be put in public areas of the property to comprehensively reduce operating costs and improve management efficiency.

Mobile APP is under your control.

Mobile phone APP/ WeChat public number service platform, sub-role sub-authority query, user payment is more convenient, open convenient internet mobile payment channel.

The platform supports electricity sales, energy consumption collection and energy saving control

Electricity monitoring, data statistics and report management, electricity price setting, recharge payment management, SMS for reminder.

The platform supports electricity sales, energy consumption collection and energy saving control

Electricity monitoring, data statistics and report management, electricity price setting, recharge payment management, SMS for reminder.

IOT module remote control

Remote NB-IOT /GPRS meter reading, automatic switch, change from manual to automatic.

Replace with tariff smart meter

Realize the transformation from post-payment to pre-payment and turn passivity into initiative

system introduction

This system is a one-stop purchasing and selling power management and internal energy consumption management platform tailored for small and medium-sized power households and service providers. It replaces the traditional post-payment method with the prepayment method to avoid the risk of power supply managers' funds and get rid of the burden of electricity charges. Replace the traditional manual door-to-door collection or IC card purchase with flexible and diverse electricity purchase methods to improve the efficiency of electricity collection; The reliable and efficient electricity management is escorted by humanized recharge reminder, power rationing reminder, arrears fee reminder and advanced remote pull and close technology.

The functions on the platform are customized and developed based on the typical needs of users in their actual work. It presents friendly interfaces such as abundant data reports, trend curves, bar charts and pie charts, and tips of abnormal fluctuations to maximize the value and usability of the system. The system network is flexible and diverse, and the upload data mode of local/cloud architecture + Ethernet /GPRS/4G/ NB-IOT can be adopted to realize point-to-point monitoring and control of smart meters, collectors and intelligent terminals under different complex environment conditions.

The meters of places in the jurisdiction where electricity is not sold to the public can also be included in the system for energy consumption control.

Relying on system powerful data analysis ability, to their own place of subdivided and statistics, the system shows the use and consumption of various energy resources to managers or decision makers with intuitive data and charts. Through fine management, the system find out the high energy consumption points or unreasonable habits of energy consumption, so as to save energy effectively and provide accurate data support for further energy saving transformation or equipment upgrade.

According to the actual energy consumption analysis data, the system can load the supporting intelligent energy saving control unit (lighting, office socket, air conditioning) for the manager, and provide energy saving control scheme for the users with energy saving demand in the later period.


This system integrate selling electricity, energy consumption, energy saving management into organic combination, to provide users with a full range of intimate intelligent power management guarantee.

Construction process

Dismantle the existing electricity meter --- Before installing new meters, the existing meters should be dismantled, and construction safety and commercial electricity safety should be confirmed when the original meters are dismantled.

New meter installed --- The newly installed electricity meters shall be strictly in accordance with the construction specifications to ensure the correct connection of outgoing and incoming lines and the construction technology shall meet the requirements.

Equipment debugging --- After the installation of the new meter, start debugging to ensure timely and accurate data reporting to the platform.

Functional verification --- After the completion of equipment debugging, the platform functions shall be verified to ensure that the platform functions meet the design requirements.

Construction process requirements

The meter is installed neatly and aesthetically, and the joint is firmly connected without leakage of bare wire.

The layout of the cable should be natural and straight, should not produce twisting, looping, joint and other phenomena, should not be subjected to external pressure and damage.

The cable laid along the wall shall be installed with a routing groove. The installation of the routing groove shall be horizontal, vertical and fixed. Groove wiring should be straight, should not be crossed, in the corner should be tied up and fixed.

When the cable is placed in the electricity meter box, it shall not be tight, and shall have an appropriate amount of space. The binding force shall be appropriate. The cable shall be placed in a straight and neat manner, and shall not be crossed and wound.

Safe operation requirement

Constructors shall strictly abide by the regulations on electricity safety management and shall not cut off power without permission.

Construction personnel shall wear insulation protective equipment and use insulation protective equipment.

Strictly follow the operation process of power failure and electricity test, and operate after confirming no electricity. Live operation is strictly prohibited.


During the construction and after the construction, the room must be kept clean and sanitary. The site must be cleaned after the construction. The remaining materials should be placed neatly and the environment should be kept clean.

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