The Relationship Between Remote Meter Reading And Energy Consumption System

The so-called use of energy consumption is reduced, and the relative pollution will be reduced.

The largest utilization of energy consumption in modern society is electric energy, and the collection of electric energy is directly related to remote meter reading.

Remote meter reading mainly collects electricity meters and water meters. The energy consumption is mainly based on the use rate of electricity and water, so remote meter reading can be directly used on the energy consumption system, but it also requires simple modifications to some professional aspects of the energy consumption system. It is mainly reflected in carbon emissions and the conversion of daily standard coal. Of course, the two most important parameters for the use of electric energy are the current electricity consumption and power. There are forward power consumption and reverse power consumption on the power consumption, and there are some time periods of power consumption. Power here is mainly active power and reactive power in terms of energy consumption. Of course, the most important parameter is power factor. Why is power also an important parameter here? Because the energy consumption system not only needs to know the electricity consumption, but also the size of the power. This parameter reflects the emissions of the electricity consumption system.
The speed of pollution, so this power parameter is also very important.

On the software system, the collection of the energy consumption system is divided into two modes for collection. One is the data collection of the hardware system, and the other is the collection of the software system. The collection mentioned here is not the data collection of the remote meter reading system and the energy consumption system, but the data collection of the national government. Because the pollution in the entire environment is relatively serious, the current country must require each enterprise to monitor its own energy consumption. Use the remote meter reading system to transmit the data to the platform of the national government. So what does the data collection of the hardware system mean? The hardware system collection here means that the national government needs to transfer data between hardware systems to the environmental protection platform.
Inside the system. There is no transfer in between. The principle of use will be explained in a later article. The data collection of the software is also available in some governments. The main collection is that each enterprise has a complete set of energy management system for remote meter reading system. Of course, this requires the enterprise to have certain strength and its own system, which is not available in ordinary small enterprises. Therefore, this remote meter reading system connects the collected energy consumption data to the local government platform through the software system.

Having said that, the environmental protection platform of the national government is different for each place. The professional understanding is the local environmental protection bureau system.

The energy consumption system actually has air emission indicators, polluted water, emission of harmful substances, etc. as important indicators. But the final correlation of these indicators has a lot to do with the energy consumption of the remote meter reading system. Because remote meter reading mainly collects bottom-level data, the bottom-level data here is to collect parameters such as electric energy data and water meter flow.

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