The solution of base station intelligent energy management system

System introduction

This system is unique tailor-made energy monitoring and management platform for the base station. It is based on many years of base station energy consumption acquisition business experience, combined with the energy consumption cost management requirement, new development of energy consumption collection, environmental status monitoring, energy-saving control, data analysis and statistics in one of the comprehensive energy management solutions of base station operator. The system includes application layer, communication transmission layer and acquisition control layer. The software system includes all the software from the embedded terminal software to the control platform software. This system solves the application problems in the field of traditional base station energy management skillfully with the minimalist hardware configuration, flexible and convenient networking mode and lower cost.

Main function

Discrimination of base station energy types --- Real-time discrimination and measurement of base station energy types (Mains power supply, oil generator supply, new energy supply, battery supply). It is convenient for energy-using units to conduct statistical audit of electricity and power generation expenses. The function of power failure alarm, battery under voltage low alarm are also available.

Oil monitor generator monitoring and intelligent switch --- Intelligent start and stop oil generator, monitoring oil level, voltage, current, speed, coolant, oil temperature, and other alarm information. When oil generator state is normal, meet the conditions of electricity generation, the information can be sent to the ATS , so the generator starts producing electricity.

Energy efficiency measurement and dc electricity Proportion --- The metering function of the air conditioning environment controller completes the accurate collection of the voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency and electric energy of the air conditioning loop in the base station. The power consumption of the switching power supply can be calculated by subtracting the power supply from that of the mains power supply or the oil engine, so as to obtain the PUE of the base station. In order to solve the problem of electricity sharing ,3-6 guide rail dc meter can be used to measure the base station dc communication equipment of different operators.

Air conditioning environment monitoring --- The air conditioning can be switched on and off remotely through the air conditioning environment controller, and the starting temperature and stopping temperature of refrigeration can be set. It can also collect temperature value of the computer room, smoke sense, water immersion, access control status value, output base station high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm; Access control, water immersion, smoke alarm, air conditioning failure alarm

Mother Company: Guangdong Super Telecom Co., Ltd. (Stock No. SH.603322)

Business Type: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified Manufacturer

Main Products: Telecom SCADA; Energy Meter; RTU; Cabinet air conditioner; CRAC

Total Annual Revenue: US$ 14 Million-US$20 Million

Main Market: Asia, South America, Europe

Location: Chengdu, China (Panda’s homeland)

Year Established: 2010

R&D Achieves: 16 product patents; 6 software copyrights

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