Trouble Shooting Method Of Single-Phase Fee-Controlled Electricity Meter

Trouble shooting method of single-phase fee-controlled watt-hour meter

The reason why the alarm light of the phase charge control smart meter keeps on:

The alarm light is always on, indicating that there is a problem with the line. There are many reasons for the alarm: phase loss, loss of voltage, etc., or the meter may be faulty. Call the electricity service department for the first time. So that the power metering professionals in the power sector can inquire. The scope of application of the warning light: It is widely used as warning signs in various special places, and is also suitable for the use of signal contact and direction indication for municipal, construction operations and monitoring, rescue, and emergency personnel.

The intelligent electric energy meter is composed of a measurement unit, a data processing unit, a communication unit, etc., according to an electric energy meter with functions such as electric energy measurement, data processing, real-time monitoring, automatic control, and information interaction. The user holds the IC card to the power supply department to pay for the purchase of electricity, the power supply department uses the sales management machine to write the purchased electricity into the IC card, and the user holds the IC card to swipe the non-contact IC card (swipe card for short, the same below), that is Power can be switched on, and the card can be taken away after power is supplied. When the remaining power in the meter is equal to the alarm power, the switch will power off and alarm (or the buzzer will alarm). At this time, the user can return to normal by swiping the card in the sensing area. At this time, the user can restore power by swiping the card in the sensing area; when the remaining power When it is zero, the power will be automatically opened and the power will be cut off, and the user must once again use the card to pay for the electricity purchase before the electricity can be restored. Effectively solve the problems of door-to-door meter reading and electricity bill collection. At the same time, the user's electricity purchase information is managed by a computer, which facilitates inquiries, statistics, charges, and printing of bills. It has the advantages of dual display, accurate measurement, stable accuracy, safety and confidentiality, reliable performance, complete functions, low power consumption, simple and convenient operation.

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