Wall Mounted Single Phase Energy Meter

Improved wide area coverage (seven times greater than existing 3GPP technologies)

Cost efficiency: Lower subscription costs and modem HW costs

Works with affordable computational boards

Friendly battery usage: Low-power consumption guaranteeing 10 year battery life

Bidirectional data transfer

Secure & private communications and high reliability

Flexible transmission rate: Supporting small, intermittent block

Simplified network topology and deployment

Ability to integrate into a unified IoT/MTC platform

Built-in NB-IoT Module can be replaced by NB-IoT/GPRS/WCDMA/FDD_LTE/Wifi/Ethernet/LORA


The prouct is a wall mounted single-phase tariff control smart energy meter with backlight LCD display. It is a smart energy manage meter with software platform for a total solution in smart buildings, factories, schools, hospital etc... Built-in wireless Lora communication modem (more options as GPRS/3G/4G/NB-IoT) can collect the energy data from the meter and transmit remotely directly to the server platform for energy data analysis.


1. Metering & Measurement:

  Current, voltage, power factor, active power, daily energy, energy consumption

2. Communications:

  Built in Lora modem with plug-and-play design.

  More options: GPRS/3/4G, NB-IoT, etc.

 Transmitting data directly to the server platform.

3. Remote Power on/off Switch Control:

  Relay built in answers the Switch on/off command from the server platform to remotely control the power on/off.

4. Data Storage:

  Energy data stored in the modem traceable and retrievable in case of GPRS or other network disruption.

  Storage up to one year to avoid data loss.

5. Display:

  Backlight LCD display screen with various status indicators.

6. Energy Freezing:

 Time freezing, instantaneous freezing, daily freezing, contract freezing, and periodical freezing.

7. Event Record:

 Abnormal data: voltage, current, active power, demand, zeroing, trip, time calibration, programming, power loss, etc.


active: 1.0, reactive: 2.0
Reference Voltage
Normal Working Voltage
Reference Temperature
Normal Working Temperature
Limit Working Temperature
5(60), 10(100)A
Clock Accuracy
Clock Battery Volume
 ≥ 1200mAh
Clock Battery Working Time
≥ 5 years
Starting Current
160×112×71 mm

Mother Company: Guangdong Super Telecom Co., Ltd. (Stock No. SH.603322)

Business Type: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified Manufacturer

Main Products: Telecom SCADA; Energy Meter; RTU; Cabinet air conditioner; CRAC

Total Annual Revenue: US$ 14 Million-US$20 Million

Main Market: Asia, South America, Europe

Location: Chengdu, China (Panda’s homeland)

Year Established: 2010

R&D Achieves: 16 product patents; 6 software copyrights

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