What Is A Real Wireless Energy Meter?

What is a real wireless energy meter? Nowadays, as one of the most important bottom links in remote meter reading, instrumentation is what users need to care about. Because this is directly related to the interests of users.

In order to further the development of the times, today's meter data are transmitted to the management server center in a wireless way. This will be misunderstood as the meter has the function of wireless transmission? This is a misconception. Because the remote meter reading performance is now wireless transmission mode, the biggest advantage is that there is no need to manually go to the scene manual meter reading. In fact, today's remote meter reading mode, the lowest level instrument class is still wired. Because the current meter does not have the function of wireless data transmission. The principle is to use the middle layer to send the data of the meter out wirelessly. That is to say, a wireless collector is placed near the meter. While the collector is connected to the wired line and the meter, it uses the wireless way to send the data to the remote meter reading server center. In fact, this wireless mode is not a real wireless energy meter.

The real wireless energy meter has its own wireless transmission mode and does not need the middle layer. There is no need to pull wires on site.

So why are the previous meters wired? Because the electricity meter is a low-power device, the low-power consumption is a device with less power consumption, not a low-power mode of some electronic products. It requires stability, good anti-interference, and the pollution to the power grid will be minimized. Therefore, in line with these principles, the current wireless GPRS network can not be used for electricity meters. Because GPRS wireless network has the disadvantages of large current, high heating, high cost, pollution to the power grid and so on. The most important thing is that it can not be placed in the meter, but also install the mobile phone card and so on. There are various inconveniences in the installation.

So what is a real wireless energy meter? From the above phenomenon, a real wireless meter is the opposite of the above situation, such as low current, low heating and so on.

So how can wireless energy meter achieve the above advantages? In fact, with the immature development of the wireless field,

Now there is such a wireless mode. The wireless meter adopted by our company has these advantages,

And it can be used in various environments. Most importantly, it does not have the function of polluting the State Grid

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