What Principles Does The Remote Meter Reading System Follow?

1) The principle of giving priority to reliability and stability

Taking into account the technological innovation and openness, the system software is guaranteed to operate reliably and smoothly, to achieve a large average value without problem time, and to minimize the harm to all system software from each common failure point, and Show the quick way to repair common faults and how to back up data to ensure the safety of data and the normal operation of all system software.

2) The principle of close integration of innovation and application

The smart meter system software puts the applicability on the key parts, including the practical operation convenient, simple steps, very easy maintenance, and the page beautiful and generous.

3) Open principle

In order to better consider the technology used in the system software and the operational capabilities of machinery and equipment, the long-term utility of system software project investment and the requirements for continuous expansion of system functions, we must pursue the openness of perfect system software.

4) The principle of scalability

The system architecture design plan and function analysis of the system software have very good scalability, which can free up sufficient indoor space for expansion of business process changes and future development trends.

5) The principle of ease of maintenance

The system software must have excellent scalability, such as system software operation status detection, remote control upgrade special tools, etc. After the capital investment is announced, the maintenance cost is low.

6) Principle of safety factor

The security of the system software is particularly important for the power consumption management method. Therefore, in the design plan, the security factor of the system software is taken into account to avoid the intrusion of unauthorized customers and the leakage of confidential information.

1. Analysis of social and economic benefits

A. You can immediately learn about the abnormal power consumption, and immediately solve problems for customers;

B. It can save a lot of human resources, improve the service level, and enhance the brand image of management methods;

C. It can prevent human error at all stages of copying, checking and receiving;

D. It is helpful to improve the concept of saving and further save resources.

2. Benefit evaluation of management methods

A. Clear the estimated reading rate: The whole process of intelligent meter reading can prevent many human and natural factors, and completely eliminate the situation of untimely supervision.

B. Applicable function of anti-theft and anti-meter common failure: the supervision function of the intelligent meter reading system software can comprehensively analyze various characteristics and abnormal energy users; and show the role of continuous tracking of abnormal users, in order to prevent energy theft, The common failures of the anti-meter show a strong application.

C. The control and reliability are further improved: remote control of power failure and power supply system operation can be carried out for customers to facilitate the maintenance of machinery and equipment, which can be used as the original record of the customer's power supply system reliability data analysis.

3. Analysis of customer experience

A. Real-time query: Customers can check their own power consumption status and power consumption information content in real time. When selling electricity, they can also launch SMS notifications in accordance with customer regulations, prompting customers to pay immediately.

B. Carry out the payment of water and electricity fees according to mobile WeChat or payment platforms of various service platforms, which is convenient for customers and saves customers' time.

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