What should I do if the energy meter wire gets hot?

In the process of our electricity use, the heating of the electric meter wiring is a very important issue. If the wires become hot, there may be no problems in a short time, but as time goes by, the wires may catch fire.

The first situation: What should I do if the incoming wire of the meter wire gets hot?

The source of this section of wire is our outdoor power supply bus. This wire is laid out by the electric power bureau, so it is generally difficult for our owners to solve it. You can only report it to the power department and let them solve it. The power department will come over to check the wire diameter of the incoming line and whether the wiring is qualified, whether the meter model matches the incoming line, whether the switch configuration is reasonable, and whether there is overloaded electricity in the room.

The second case: What should I do if the outlet wire of the electric meter becomes hot?

The outlet of the electric meter refers to the section of wire from the lower mouth of the electric meter to the upper mouth of the main switch of the indoor distribution box.

As in ordinary households, two wires should be connected from the lower port of the electric meter to the upper port of the main switch in our distribution box. It can be said that this is our home bus.

When it is found that the bus at the lower end of the meter is hot, it is basically caused by the following two situations: 1. The line is loose. 2. The load is too large and exceeds the rated current of the line load.

We can take the following plan to deal with.

The first reason is to check, let the electrician check whether the lower end of the thread is loose.

The second reason is that we can calculate the power of the electrical appliances at home. Dividing by 220 is the maximum current of the bus when the electrical is fully on. For example, the electrical power of the home is 13200W, the rated current is 60A, but our home line is 4 square meters, then the current load of the wire is exceeded at this time. At this time, you can only replace a thicker line or add a circuit to connect the existing load separately.

In addition, if the current upper limit of the line has exceeded the current upper limit of the electric meter, even the electric meter must be replaced, and even the power supply line of the power bureau must be replaced at the same time.

Regarding the heating of the electric meter wires, after the problem occurs, the first thing you can do is to turn off the high-power electrical appliances at home. Then go to a professional electrician, or respond to the power department to fix the problem. It is not possible to use some high-power electrical appliances normally under the condition of heat. If this happens for a long time, the insulation layer of the wire will age, and the most serious situation may cause a fire!

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