Where Does The "Intelligence" Of Smart Meters Come From?

Where does the "intelligence" of smart meters come from?

As the peripheral nerve of the power grid, in addition to continuously collecting electricity consumption information, smart energy meters also have multiple functions such as sending prompt messages to users according to different abnormal conditions, building up the interaction between users and equipment electricity consumption information. bridge.

So where does the "intelligence" of smart meters come from?

Smart energy meters are usually composed of metering modules, power modules, CPU modules, communication modules, display modules, keys and fee control modules, etc. The specific structure mainly includes metering chips, low-voltage DC power supplies, embedded main controllers, external memory, Security chip, temperature sensor, clock, alarm indicator, buzzer, relay, communication interface, etc. If you compare the smart energy meter to a person!

The power source is the blood in the human body, which can provide the power resources for the entire electric energy meter to work. The main power supply is composed of a transformer and a voltage regulator chip. The backup power supply is the lithium battery welded on the circuit board. When the electric energy meter loses power, it is responsible for providing working power to the CPU and clock to ensure that the electric energy meter works normally in low power consumption mode, the time is accurate, and the electricity consumption records are stored safely.

The signal sampling device is equivalent to various organs of the human body. It converts the collected high voltage and large current into a low voltage signal and inputs it to the electric energy metering unit to provide sampling signals for the metering unit.

The alarm indicator and display unit can be compared to the face of the human body. From the display, it is possible to know the electric energy used by the electric energy meter, instantaneous measurement parameters, etc.;

The buzzer and communication unit can be compared to human language functions, and the copy control equipment can obtain data through the communication unit.

Smart meters have all-inclusive functions:

① Possess a variety of communication methods to realize remote collection of electricity consumption information.

② Collection and measurement of various power consumption parameters, such as active power, reactive power, voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor, and demand.

③ Provide two-way metering of electric energy for users connected to renewable energy.

④ Multi-rate electricity meters can measure electric energy according to time-of-use electricity prices, step-by-step electricity prices, etc.

⑤ The supporting power information system is suitable for power management needs in various scenarios, such as power safety and energy saving in factories, prepaid meter management for rental houses, smart street lights and other power control systems.

⑥ The remote control of the meter is the same as the power failure, which can deal with potential safety hazards in time.

What convenience does the smart electric energy meter bring to our lives?

① The remote meter reading saves the manpower and material resources of manual meter reading, and at the same time improves the clarity and accuracy of the data;
② Real-time monitoring, recording the measurement data of voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, total active energy, and total reactive energy at the agreed time interval;
③ Data analysis: The rationality of electricity consumption can be analyzed through detailed electricity data, and the quality, time and efficiency of electricity consumption can be improved through judgment and comparison methods, thereby reducing power consumption;

④ It can provide local or remote power purchase function, recharge anytime and anywhere, convenient for residents to use electricity;
⑤ In case of abnormal power usage, promptly send out early warning messages, accept remote commands, control power on and off, and eliminate potential safety hazards in time.
The smart meter is no longer an electric energy meter in the traditional sense. In addition to the basic power metering function of the traditional electric energy meter, in order to adapt to the smart grid and new energy, it has continuously extended various functions and is suitable for a variety of power consumption scenarios. Silently guarding people's electricity safety. Smart meters represent the future of smart grids that are more energy-efficient, more convenient and safer, and continue to innovate and advance!

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