Where Is The Remote Air Switch Good?

After the remote air switch is opened due to some fault, the charging time of the reclosing device should be 15-25 s. The faster the discharge, the better the facility to automatically reclose the switch using mechanical devices or automatic relay devices. If the fault in the power system is temporary, after the circuit breaker is tripped by the relay protection device to cut off the power, the circuit breaker has a fast closing function to prevent the circuit breaker from being caused by the speed of the handle during automatic closing and opening. If the fault is automatically eliminated, the line will resume power supply; if the fault is continuous, the circuit breaker will be tripped again and will not reclose. According to the number of reclosing, it is divided into one reclosing and multiple reclosing; the automatic reclosing leakage protector is an intelligent product successfully developed by using the principle of mechanical automation and combining with the high-voltage automatic recloser controller technology, which can solve the switch trip caused by transient faults The problem of not automatically recovering power supply after a power failure is divided into three-phase and single-phase automatic reclosing according to the number of phases; according to the occasion of use, it is divided into single-sided power supply and double-sided power automatic reclosing.

What is a remote air switch
 Circuit breakers are divided into high-voltage circuit breakers and low-voltage circuit breakers according to their scope of use. The division of high and low voltage is relatively vague. Generally, those above 3kV are called high-voltage electrical appliances.
 The remote air switch realizes electronic operation, the mechanical energy is changed to capacitor energy storage, and the mechanical transmission is changed to a frequency converter directly driven by the motor. Once a power failure is detected in use, it will immediately protect and trip, and after the failure is eliminated, it will automatically reclose without human intervention. , It fundamentally solves the problem of failure to auto-reclose due to power failure, tripping and interruption of power supply. The number of mechanical moving parts is reduced to one, and the reliability of the mechanical system is improved. The intelligent circuit breaker has a digital interface that can integrate position information and status information. , The opening and closing commands are transmitted through the network. The remote monitoring function of the automatic reclosing leakage protector can be monitored through different communication interfaces, and it can also be collected through the opening and closing status. The life and reliability of the electronic circuit in the control loop will become the key to the engineering application of smart circuit breaker technology.

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