Why build a smart grid? The significance of building a smart grid

1. Why is it an inevitable trend to build a smart grid?

The smart grid can greatly improve the application level of the power grid. After using the smart grid, the staff can obtain technical support for behaviors such as system state analysis and auxiliary decision-making, which makes the self-healing of the power grid from a concept to a possibility. In addition, the overall technological improvement brought about by the construction of smart grids has also laid the foundation for the development and utilization of renewable energy and distributed power sources. In addition, the smart grid can also promote the continuous integration of power flow, information flow, and business flow to meet increasingly diversified user needs.

At the same time, functions such as remote transmission and remote copying of smart grid, intelligent step-by-step billing, etc. can also save the time of power workers to the greatest extent, thereby saving overall labor costs.

After *, the construction of a smart grid is also the basis for the development, transmission and consumption of clean energy, because the realization of some of the above functions requires a high degree of flexibility and compatibility for the grid. For example, in order to prevent malfunctions and troubles caused by increasingly frequent natural disasters and external interference, the power grid has very high security defense capabilities and self-healing capabilities, which must be realized by intelligent means. In order to reduce operating costs and promote energy conservation and emission reduction, the operation of the power grid must be more economical and efficient. At the same time, electrical equipment must be intelligently controlled to minimize electricity consumption.

2. The impact of smart grid construction on clean energy development

We all know that environmental issues have received more and more attention, and when it comes to environmental issues, new types of clean energy have to be mentioned. The smart grid can be said to be one of the foundations for the development of clean energy.

Clean energy has very high requirements for the access, consumption, and regulation capabilities of the power grid, which cannot be met by the traditional power grid.

The smart grid has advanced control technology and energy storage methods, and can reasonably plan the grid structure and the sending-end power structure that can be remembered by emotions and grievances, and apply various technologies to meet the requirements of large-scale clean power transmission. * Later, the smart grid can also improve the ability to dispatch anger and grievances, improve economy, and better accept and coordinate control of distributed energy.

3. The impact of the construction of smart grids on the power system

There is no doubt that the impact of the smart grid on the power system can be said to be very significant. *First, the “self-healing” capabilities of smart grids can effectively improve the safety and reliability of the power system, improve the technical equipment and management of the power system, and achieve unified dispatch of power, improve efficiency, and reduce power generation Fuel cost also reduces environmental pollution. * Later, smart grid can also improve the utilization efficiency of grid equipment, extend the life of grid infrastructure, reduce losses, and can effectively improve interaction with users to achieve better optimization results. 3

4. Conclusion-the benefits that smart grid can bring to us

Although the above mentioned the impact of the smart grid on all aspects, but for us personally, we must be concerned about the actual impact on ourselves. Then, what are the benefits of building a smart grid for us?

① The smart grid can realize remote meter reading and remote payment, which makes our electricity use more convenient and saves our time.

② Smart grid can make users' electricity consumption more reasonable and reduce waste.

③The tiered billing function of the smart grid can better limit and guarantee the power consumption during the peak power consumption period, and can effectively alleviate the distribution pressure during the peak power consumption period, so as to better avoid power outages and other problems.

④ Smart grid can promote the construction of clean energy and reduce environmental pollution, so that we can live in a better environment.

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