Why Do Smart Energy Meters Trip?

Electricity meter arrears

If the smart meter is a card-inserted IC card meter, when the user owes the bill, the line will trip, and the indicator light will be always on after the trip, resulting in a power outage. When the user recharges, insert the card into the meter, and the power will be supplied immediately, and the indicator will be dimmed after the power is restored. If it is a watt-hour meter with remote meter reading, as long as the user pays the fee, the system will automatically restore the power supply.

Leakage protection trip

The reason for the trip of the smart meter must first be distinguished from the leakage protection trip or the overload trip. This can be seen from the tripped switch. It is estimated that the leakage is likely to be high, it may be a line, it may be an electrical appliance, some bad Lines or appliances may leak electricity due to increased voltage.

You unplug all electrical appliances during this time, turn off switches that are not plugged in, and try overnight if they don't trip, check them.

If it still trips, it is a line problem. Pull down the entry switch to ensure that the neutral wire and the live wire are all disconnected from the power supply. Use a 500V multimeter to measure the insulation resistance of the indoor live wire to the neutral wire and the live wire neutral wire to the ground wire, and find the faulty part in sections and replace the bad circuit.

Some electrical appliances started with micro switches will consume electricity as long as they are not plugged into the power supply, and may also cause tripping. If the neutral wire leaks to the live wire, it may cause overload tripping.

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