Working Principle Of Smart Meter Arrears Trip

In today's society, basically no one is maliciously owing electricity bills, because smart meters are used in most areas. Although everyone can pay electricity bills on time, there are still some people who forget to pay electricity bills because of busy work. The smart meter automatically trips to stop the power supply. Many people don't know how to restore it. Today, I will share with you the working principle of the smart meter's arrears trip and the techniques for restoring the power supply after the trip.

First of all, everyone needs to know that the working principle of the smart meter arrears trip is that when our electricity balance is lower than the set amount, the logistics property management department will first send a reminder notice via SMS, email, phone or on-site delivery Carry out collection; if the fee is still not paid after collection, the staff will open the switch remotely for power-off processing. (Note: The above principles are applicable to residential communities)

There is another way that the smart meter automatically cuts off the power and opens the switch. This is more impersonal. When our electricity bill is used up, the smart meter system will start the power cut and trip, allowing users to pay the electricity bill in time. This ensures that the logistics management is worried about the economic loss caused by the malicious arrears of the user. (Remarks: The above tripping principle of arrears is applicable to wine and electricity, short-term rental apartments, and rental houses)

Either way, as long as the arrears are tripped, we must recharge and pay in a timely manner. Many smart meters can be recharged remotely through WeChat and Alipay APP, so when we finish the payment, will we call? Possibly, we need to manually set the power supply. If the power supply is automatically restored, the power will be wasted when there is no one in the house, so we still need to manually restore the power at this time.

However, some people still don’t know how to restore the power. In fact, this is very simple. Most smart meters have a hole reserved on the casing to restore the power manually after the user’s arrears. After repaying the fee and sending power, the user must press the reset button for more than ten seconds before the power is resumed. , Assuming you are an IC card user, as long as we insert the IC purchase card into the card slot of the smart meter, and press the white button reserved on the smart meter housing three times, the power supply will start.

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