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48V DC Gasoline Generator


Rated Current: 80A/120A/150A/200A

Output voltage: 51V~55V

Adaptation voltage range: 48V~57V

Weight (kg): 30/50/60/140

ModeAdapted outputOutput voltageAdaptation current rangeWeight (kg)size(mm)

Energy Saving

HPQ48V-90A parameters:

Maximum fuel consumption: 80A<2.0L/h

Economic fuel consumption: 50A<1.5L/h

Average fuel consumption: 1.5L~2.0L/h

Ordinary 8kw parameters:

Full load rated fuel consumption 3.8L/h

Actual fuel consumption>4.5L/h

This product adopts an automatic intelligent fuel-saving device, which can automatically adjust the engine speed, fuel supply, and output voltage and current according to the load, so as to achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy saving.


HPQ48V-90A compared with normal AC 8KW oil machine :

60% weight reduction

HPQ48V-90A Net weight: 30~35KG

Normal 8KW:87KG

40% reduction in volume
Normal 8KW: 700*526*580mm

HPQ48V-90A size: 475*425*450mm


1. Monitor the stock voltage of the base station battery pack as the self-start value

2. Self-starting parameters can be adjusted according to the needs of each base station

3. Monitor the change of the mains charging voltage of the base station to achieve automatic shutdown

4. Synchronization can monitor the incoming and outage of city power, which is better than energy saving

All-in-one design:Waterproof, anti-collision, GPS and full Netcom antenna built-in, integrated design, intelligent monitoring of charge and discharge.

Intelligent data collection:When the generator starts to transmit power, the collector starts to enter the detection state, and the collector connects to the network and starts to push various data to the server: start generation time, generation time, longitude and latitude, three-phase current value, three-phase voltage value, power generation, diesel engine frequency, Active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, end generation time, etc.

Current and voltage detection:Using a dedicated metering chip for electric energy meters, it can read the current value, voltage value, various powers, and oil machine frequency from the generator in real time, and accurately calculate the electric energy with an error of ≤±1%; and monitor the output power quality.

GPS/Beidou positioning:Using GPS and Beidou composite positioning method, the CELL/ID information of the base station can be collected when the diesel engine is generating power, and GPS/Beidou latitude and longitude information can be sent, and the geographic location of the generator can be accurately determined based on this.


Advantages of 48V DC system
1. Simple power system architecture and low cost
2. No ATS, no loss
3. 48V/90A can reach the effect of traditional 8KW oil machine
4. 48V/160A can reach the effect of traditional 15KW oil machine