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48V LiFePO4 Battery for Telecom Cabinet

• Nominal Voltage: 51.2V

• Normal capacity: 50/100Ah

• Communication interface: RS485/CAN

 Operating temperature range:-10℃~ +45℃

• Comply with CE and ROHS standards

Product Description

Normal capacity50Ah/100Ah(25 ºC)
Nominal voltage51.2V
Internal resistance≤ 50 mΩ @1kHz AC
Charging currentdefault 10A, maximum 50A
Maximum discharge current50A
Overcharge protection voltage59.2
Overdischarge protection voltage43.2
End of discharge voltage40.0V
Short circuit protectionAvailable
Reverse connect protectionAvailable
Cooling wayNatural cooling
Communication modeRS485
Operating temperature–40℃~+55℃
Protection gradeIP65

The 50AH integrated Lithium iron phosphate battery battery pack can be used as a backup power supply for communication base stations, data centers, street lights, traffic lights, monitoring equipment, etc., to provide power security for equipment and ensure safe and reliable operation of communication equipment.

Characteristics include:

(1) Integrating Battery management system (BMS), power distribution and lightning protection;
(2) Natural heat dissipation, high protection level, meeting the requirements of various indoor and outdoor application scenarios;
(3) Flexible combination of Lithium iron phosphate battery groups, which can be used in parallel according to power;
(4) Flexible installation method, with wall mounted and pole mounted installation methods, supporting flat and flag mounted;
(5) Small in size and light in weight, all scenarios use the same set of installation components, without any need for engineering exploration;
(6) The input/output port and communication signal port adopt fast plug terminals to prevent stuttering and anti backtracking;

Communication instructions

The battery pack can communicate with the upper computer through the RS485 interface to view various information of the battery on the upper computer, including battery voltage, current, temperature, SOC, SOH, and battery production information. Parameter settings and corresponding control operations can be carried out. At the same time, the battery pack provides an RS485 parallel communication port, supporting multiple battery packs to communicate with the upper computer simultaneously after being connected in paralle.