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6 Channel DC Power Distribution Unit

• Rated Voltage: DC -48V

• Installation: Rack-Mounted

• Communication: RS485, NB-IoT, 4G

 Breaking Capacity: 6000A

 Input current: 200A

• Rated Frequency (Hz): 50/60HZ

Product Description

DJZY1737 6 Channel DCDU is an intelligent switch equipment that is carefully designed and manufactured according to the power consumption status of the tower base station by combining advanced energy metering dedicated chips and mature power management technology. Each sub-household has a built-in DC contactor, manages the power distribution (backup) of each sub-household according to user needs, has RS485 and NB-IoT communication functions, and realizes data exchange between slave and host (computer\FSU). It is suitable for DC equipment power management, power measurement, power metering, etc.

Input voltage rating-48VDC (-40~-60V dynamic range)
Input current200A
Input terminal1 set of wiring terminals (2 input interfaces)
Output terminaloutput terminal up to 6 output interfaces
Pulse constant6400imp/kWh
Electric energy measurement range0~39999999.99kWh
Power range0~99.9999kW
Accuracy level1.0/2.0 level
Front panel
Back panel

1.Control Function

  1. Timing on-off control
  2. Backup power duration control
  3. Backup voltage control
  4. Backup power control
  5. On and off during the exemption period

2. Metering function

This equipment has the functions of household (channel) measurement and statistics: it has the functions of measuring the voltage, current, power and electric energy of the whole measurement equipment and each household (channel), and has the power and electric quantity of the whole equipment and each household (channel). Features.

3. Detection function

This device supports the detection of the power supply status (yes, no) of the mains outside the base station, and sets the trigger conditions according to other requirements of the user to control the on-off status of the device’s DC output.

4. Power-off memory function

This device has a power-off memory function. After power-off, all the set parameters and judgment logic remain unchanged, and it can enter the working state according to the specific conditions after the power-up. When the equipment fails, the contactor is automatically closed, which does not affect the normal operation of the base station system

5. Communication function

The device has RS485 communication connection port and supports NB-IoT wireless remote communication function.

6. Overcurrent and short circuit protection

7. Data monitoring function