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Cabinet Air Conditioner

Cabinet Air Conditioner Selection Guide

The cabinet aircon is a temperature control solution for cooling or heating on a sealed cabinet. It has DC-48V DC input and 220V AC input. The main installation method is to install on the cabinet door. The compressor and R143a refrigerant are used to produce cold air to reduce the temperature in the cabinet.

Outdoor Cabinet 

Outdoor cabinet ac are commonly found in outdoor communication cabinets. This type of air conditioner is mainly designed according to the actual working conditions of the communication equipment. Taking into account the -48V DC voltage commonly used in the communications industry, we deliberately designed the use of dc-48V power supply as the air conditioner power supply. This easily solves the temperature control problem of the outdoor cabinet with only DC power supply.

Electrical Cabinet

Electrical cabinet ac are usually used in battery cabinets and electrical cabinets. Compared with outdoor cabinet air conditioners, power cabinet air conditioners use more efficient and energy-saving fans and compressors, which can effectively extend the service life of the air conditioner and reduce power consumption. And the air conditioner also has a humidity signal output, which can better protect the equipment in the cabinet. You can also choose micro-positive pressure and dehumidification functions according to specific working conditions

Control Cabinet 

When there are too many electrical equipment in the equipment control cabinet, the heating phenomenon is serious, and the temperature in the cabinet is too high, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment, which will cause very serious consequences, such as the equipment air-conditioning cabinet with traffic lights on the side of the road. Therefore, we can also use cabinet ac to cool down the control cabinet, so that the equipment in the control cabinet can operate normally and stably.

The Price

As a manufacturer of cabinet aircon in China, we have 3 complete production lines, with an annual shipment of 120,000 units. We have the country’s largest R&D center for cabinet air conditioners, and the failure rate of air conditioners can be guaranteed to be less than 0.2%. If you want to buy cabinet air conditioners, we will provide you with the best prices, the best quality products and services.

Mini type

If your cabinet space is not large, we can provide a variety of small cabinet air conditioner to meet your needs, such as TEC200W, DC300W. Please send an email to tell us your needs, our engineer will contact you within 24 hours 

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