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DC Control Cabinet Air Conditioner

• Input Voltage: -36 ~ 60V

• IP Level: IP55

• Communication interface: RS485

 Alarm output:Dry connect

 Operating temperature range:-40℃~ +55℃

• Comply with CE and ROHS standards

• Refrigerant: R134a 

Control cabinet air conditioners are temperature control solutions designed for cabinets at sites without AC power, and are suitable for various challenging indoor and outdoor environments. Relying on real DC compressors and DC fans, control cabinet air conditioner efficiently solves the heat dissipation problem of the cabinet and is the first choice for new energy or hybrid power supply sites in areas without power grids 

 Product typeCooling capacity (W)Heater (W)Power Consumption (W)Weight (Kg)

Efficient and environmentally friendly
• Use high-efficiency energy-saving fans and high-efficiency compressors. Extend the service life of air conditioners and reduce power consumption 
•Soft start to avoid generator damage caused by excessive inrush current.

Easy to install and operate
• Compact all-in-one machine, plug and play, easy to install
• Flange design facilitates various installation methods
• The closed refrigeration cycle protects the equipment from harsh environments.
• Painted metal sheet metal, anti-rust and anti-corrosion

Intelligent control
• Multi-function alarm output, real-time system monitoring. The convenient and quick man-machine interface makes the operation easier.

• Control an external fan for hydrogen exhaust or emergency ventilation 

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