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DC 48V Diesel Generator

Voltage range: 48V~57V

Maximum output current: 60A/100A/150A

Weight (kg): 90/96/108

HPC series diesel DC generators are specially developed by our company for backup power supply of communication base stations, and can also be used in other DC 48V power supply fields. The system adopts the latest cutting-edge technologies in the industry, with high efficiency and high reliability, in line with the current green environmental protection concept. At the same time, the monitoring module controls the working status of each module in real time, judges, records and processes the real-time collected data, and realizes scientific and intelligent management.

Adaptation outputDC48V/60ADC48V/100ADC48V/150A
Output voltage48V~57V48V~57V48V~57V
Maximum output current60A100A150A
Adaptation current range<60A<100A<150A
Adaptive voltage range48V~57V48V~57V48V~57V
Power model186F192F1100F
Fuel capacity12L12L25L
Oil volume1.651.652.0
Fuel Model0#(-10# or -20# in winter)0#(-10# or -20# in winter)0#(-10# or -20# in winter)
Weight (kg)9096108
Product size (mm)710×530×640710×530×640780×580×750

Note: This power is output at an ambient temperature of 20°C and an altitude of 1500 meters or less. Please contact after-sales service to adjust the engine when the altitude exceeds 1524 meters. The power will decrease by 2% for every 100 meters increase in altitude or every 5°C increase in temperature above 20°C.

• The system has a wide operating temperature range of -15℃~+55℃

• It has perfect battery management, including charge and discharge management, battery reverse connection protection, low voltage protection and other functions

• Compared with traditional excitation generator sets, this oil generator has the characteristics of small size, light weight and high efficiency

• With output overvoltage protection and output overcurrent protection

• The lower limit of the battery voltage in the machine room can be set, and the automatic start of the oil generator is determined by this lower limit
• The upper limit of the battery voltage in the machine room can be set, and the automatic shutdown of the oil generator is determined by this upper limit

• Monitoring the mains power and call shutdown function
Generation time statistics function, GPS positioning function (need to add monitoring module)

All-in-one design:Waterproof, anti-collision, GPS and full Netcom antenna built-in, integrated design, intelligent monitoring of charge and discharge.

Intelligent data collection:When the generator starts to transmit power, the collector starts to enter the detection state, and the collector connects to the network and starts to push various data to the server: start generation time, generation time, longitude and latitude, three-phase current value, three-phase voltage value, power generation, diesel engine frequency, Active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, end generation time, etc.

Current and voltage detection:Using a dedicated metering chip for electric energy meters, it can read the current value, voltage value, various powers, and oil machine frequency from the generator in real time, and accurately calculate the electric energy with an error of ≤±1%; and monitor the output power quality.

GPS/Beidou positioning:Using GPS and Beidou composite positioning method, the CELL/ID information of the base station can be collected when the diesel engine is generating power, and GPS/Beidou latitude and longitude information can be sent, and the geographic location of the generator can be accurately determined based on this.