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Energy Storage System for Industrial Commerial Grid


• Renewable energy generation

• Power transmission and distribution

• Industrial and domestic electricity

 Island off-grid energy storage

Product Description


1. Modular structure, flexible composition of various voltage platforms within 1500V, various capacity level systems, and easy maintenance;
2. Three-level battery management system design provides the highest reliability;
3. The lithium iron phosphate battery is used, which has high safety performance, long cycle life, and a design life of more than 15 years;
4. Small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, flexible in rack-mounted and container-type deployment, and can be quickly applied to various scenarios;
5. Passed the world’s top safety certifications such as VDE, TUV, CE, UN38.3.
6. The product is suitable for various scenarios such as new energy power generation side energy storage, micro-grid, industrial and commercial energy storage, etc. It is compatible with different system architectures such as grid-connected and off-grid, and matches the mainstream PCS and EMS in the industry.

energy storage system components
BMS Module

The BMS adopts a three-level architecture. The BMU is built into the battery module, the second-level main control module is responsible for managing the battery modules in the cluster, and the third-level main control module is responsible for the parallel inter-cluster management. The use of a single cabinet only needs to be equipped with a second-level main control module, and the use of multiple clusters in parallel requires a third-level main control module.


Secondary main control module

Secondary main control module
System parameters
Operating Voltage100~430VDC100~430VDC200~1000VDC220VAC220VAC220VAC
Working Power ModeBattery powered internallyBattery powered internallyBattery powered internallyexternal or internalExternal AC power supplyExternal AC power supply
Access to battery voltage100~430V100~430V200~1000V0~1000V0~1000V0~1500V
Maximum overcurrent37A100A100A200A180A180A
Communication Interface485、CAN485、CAN485、CAN485、CAN485、CAN485、CAN
Small and medium capacity energy storage system

Main application:
• Industrial and commercial photovoltaic energy storage
• Peak shaving and valley filling on the user side
• Small-capacity micro-grid energy storage
• UPS backup

energy storage system
Voltage platform144~336V240~720V240~576V32~736V
Recommended charge/discharge current<25A<25A<37A<74A
Maximum charge/discharge current50A40A74A148A
working temperature0~50℃0~50℃0~50℃0~50℃
service life>10years>10years>10years>10years
Number of modules connected in series3~75~155~151~23
Communication InterfaceRS485, CANRS485, CANRS485, CANRS485, CAN, ethernet
degree of protectionIP20IP20IP20IP20
Cabinet size600*505*1300mm600*505*2130mm600*505*2130mm815*659*2130mm
Medium and large capacity energy storage system

Main application:

• Industrial and commercial photovoltaic energy storage
• Peak shaving and valley filling on the user side
• Energy storage on the power generation side
• Large-capacity microgrid energy storage
• Data center backup
• New energy micro-grid smooths fluctuations

Components of container energy storage system

1. With perfect product design, Paineng has a full range of simulation and testing capabilities from modules to container systems
2. The whole series of modular design, pre-installed container, the on-site construction time is reduced to the minimum
3. Mature application test, the energy storage system of Paineng container has been maturely applied in various scenarios such as power generation side and user side at home and abroad

Components of container energy storage system

System parameters

system capacityMax. 1.1MWhMax. 2.4MWhMax. 1.4MWhMax. 2.9MWh
system voltage736VDC736VDC806VDC806VDC
Dimensions (L*W*H)6.058*2.438*2.896m12.192*2.438*2.896m6.058*2.438*2.896m12.192*2.438*2.896m
ambient temperature-20~60℃-20~60℃-20~60℃-20~60℃
Communication Interface485、CAN、Ethernet485、CAN、Ethernet485、CAN、Ethernet485、CAN、Ethernet

Note: The above does not include PCS, and the system can be customized according to customer needs.