Features of prepaid energy meters

The deduction of water and electricity fees has always been a difficult point in the management of property companies. Because the power supply bureau charges the property management company according to the summary meter and water meter, the property management company is forced to advance the water and electricity bills and then charge the merchants. Because there are many businesses, The work of manual water meter reading is very slow, causing the property company to invest large human resources in the deduction of water and electricity charges, high efficiency, low efficiency, difficult charging, and too much pressure on assets.

The emergence of prepaid meters has solved many management problems of enterprises, helped enterprises reduce human resource investment, improved work efficiency, and reduced financial pressure. This article will briefly introduce the functional characteristics of smart meters.

Prepaid function: When the power purchased by the IC card is used up, the power supply will be automatically stopped, and the fee will be renewed.

All-in-one card function: It can realize all-in-one card with water meter, gas meter and heat meter.

Display function: automatic cycle display of used power, remaining power, and alarm power.

Overdraft function: a certain amount of overdraft can be set, and the renewal fee will be deducted before the electricity is used.

Positive and negative measurement: It can measure the positive and negative active energy flowing through the meter.

Query card function: A query card can be used to copy the remaining power information of the meter to achieve data statistics. A query card can copy the data of 500 meters at a time.

Two-level alarm function: When the remaining power is low, use the always-display alarm function and the power-off alarm function to remind users to purchase electricity in time.

Overload power-off function: When the load exceeds the set value, the meter will automatically power off, and the meter will automatically restore power after the load is reduced.

Anti-hoarding function: The maximum hoarding power can be set, and the power cannot be purchased if it exceeds it.

Good encryption: The IC card transfers data in both directions, one meter and one card. If the meter card is lost, the card will be replaced and reused. The original card will be automatically reported for loss. Logical encryption and dynamic encryption-algorithms are used to ensure data safety and reliability.

Wide range: adopts high-power, high-reliability magnetic latching relay with strong overload capability.

Other functions: anti-theft, low power consumption, high precision, anti-electromagnetic interference and other advantages.

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