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Peltier Thermoelectric Air Conditioner

Input Voltage: DC 48V

IP Level:IP55

Communication interface:RS485

Alarm output:Dry connect

Operating temperature range:-40℃~ +55℃

Comply with CE and ROHS standards

Peltier thermoelectric air conditioner is a solution that provides temperature control for indoor and outdoor cabinets, and is suitable for various challenging indoor and outdoor environments. -48V DC power supply and semiconductor cooling/heating technology, which effectively solves the heat dissipation problem of small cabinets such as battery cabinets.

Product TypeCooling Capacity (W)Power Consumption (W)Heater(W)Weight (kg)
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Environmental friendly
• 48V DC fan is used to extend the service life and reduce power consumption.
• No refrigerant, there is no risk of liquid leakage.
• Energy efficiency ratio>0.6, higher than other TEC products

Easy to install and operate
• Compact mini all-in-one machine, plug and play, easy to install
• Flange design facilitates various installation methods
• The closed refrigeration cycle protects the equipment from harsh environments.
Painted metal sheet metal, anti-rust and anti-corrosion

Intelligent control
• Multi-function alarm output, real-time system monitoring. The convenient and quick man-machine interface makes the operation easier.
• Interchange between cooling and heating

1. 2 years: The design of each model can be sold overseas only after a 2-year test period.
2. 0.2% failure rate: we can guarantee that the product failure rate does not exceed 0.2%.
3. 8 quality inspections: We have the largest and most cabinet air-conditioning quality inspection center in China. Warmly welcome you to visit our factory.
4. 5 product certification: CE, RoHS, Intertek, ISO and IAF.

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