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Smart Electricity Meter with Circuit Breaker

Type: DC/Single Phase/Three Phase

Current: 3*1.5(6)A, 3*5(60)A, 3*10(100)A

Communication: WiFi/3G/4G/GPRS/NB-loT/Lora/RS485

Frequency: 50Hz±2.5Hz

Accuracy: active: 1.0, reactive: 2.0

• Clock Accuracy: ≤0.5s/d(23℃±2℃)

This DJZU1737 smart electricity meter is the latest product developed by our company. It has all the functions of a smart meter, circuit breaker and current transformer. Line meters can be added freely according to the actual situation. There are three models: DC, single-phase and three-phase.

Smart Elelctricity Meter Function
• Multiloop energy measuring with up to 10 loops.
• Each loop meter can measure the current combined energy, individually measure current, voltage, energy, power and electricity consumption of current month.
• Built-in DTU

Smart Circuit Breaker Function
The electric meter can perfectly replace the function of the circuit breaker. It can be switched on manually or remotely controlled via RS485/NB-loT/4G/lora.

Current Transformer Function
The electric meter has built-in current transformer, no need to buy a current transformer separately, and no need to wire.

With built-in wireless communication modem, modbus modem, the meter can transmit the energy data directly to the server platform.The communication modem is flexible and changeable according to the local network situation. Metering and transmission two-in-one design is an excellent combination with advantages of cost saving, simple construction, quick deployment.

Accuracyactive: 1.0, reactive: 2.0
Reference VoltageDC/Single Phase/Three Phase
Current3 X 1.5(6)A, 3X5(60)A, 3X10(100)A
Normal Working Temperature-25℃~60℃
Limit Working Temperature-40℃~70℃
Clock Accuracy≤0.5s/d(23℃±2℃)

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