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Three Phase Smart Electricity Meter

Reference Voltage: 3*220/380V

Current: 3*1.5(6)A, 3*5(60)A, 3*10(100)A

Communication: WiFi/3G/4G/GPRS/NB-loT/Lora/RS485

Frequency: 50Hz±2.5Hz

Accuracy: active: 1.0, reactive: 2.0

• Clock Accuracy: ≤0.5s/d(23℃±2℃)


The DTZY1737 three phase electricity meter is a wall mounted three-phase tariff control smart energy meter with backlight LCD display. It is a smart energy manage meter with software platform for a total solution in smart buildings, factories, schools, hospital etc… Built-in wireless Lora communication modem (more options as GPRS/3G/4G/NB-IoT) can collect the energy data from the meter and transmit remotely directly to the server platform for energy data analysis.


1.Simple Construction:
Robust design with communication modem built in the meter.
2.Save cost:
Electricity meter + gateway two-in-one, no need external DTU device, no need RS485 wiring, saving equipment, materials and labor costs.
3.Data Storage Retrievable:
With great capacity, the GPRS modem can store energy data at least 2 months to avoid data loss in case of network gone.
4.Remotely upgradable:
The internal program of communication modem can be remotely upgraded, which is convenient for aftersales system maintenance.
5.Automatic reading without manual:
Remote reading of meter data through communication modem to reduce on-site labor costs.
6.Flexible Communication Selection:
The communication module can be selected according to the local network mode, for example, GPRS, 3G, 4G, Lora and NB-IoT can be selected to achieve a matching network connection.
7. Payment solutions available: Post-payment.


With built-in wireless communication modem, Lora modem, the meter can transmit the energy data directly to the server platform.The communication modem is flexible and changeable according to the local network situation. Metering and transmission two-in-one design is an excellent combination with advantages of cost saving, simple construction, quick deployment.


Accuracyactive: 1.0, reactive: 2.0
Reference Voltage3*220/380V
Current3 X 1.5(6)A, 3X5(60)A, 3X10(100)A
Normal Working Temperature-25℃~60℃
Limit Working Temperature-40℃~70℃
Clock Accuracy≤0.5s/d(23℃±2℃)

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