Which type of smart energy meter is most suitable to install in your home?

Electric energy measurement function: it can measure active power, forward active power, reverse active power and other electric energy;
Time-sharing measurement function: time-sharing measurement of peak, peak, flat, and valley time periods, time period, and rate settings.
Valve control function: built-in relay, remote tripping, closing, and automatic closing.
Communication interface: RS-485 communication interface, li/T645 multiple electric meters can share one RS-485 to power carrier communication protocol module.
Current specifications: 5(40)A; 10(60)A; 20(80)A; 30(100)A.
Product dimensions: length×width×thickness: 160mm×112mm×71mm.

Mainly depends on the current specifications, the usual household 10 (60) A can basically meet.
The 10A outside the brackets refers to the basic current value, which is used to determine the minimum current value for the meter to start measuring.
Take the residential single-phase meter with accuracy level 2 as an example. Its starting measurement value is 0.005lb of the basic current. When the basic current is 10A, the starting current measurement value is 10A*0.005=50mA; when the basic current is 5A When the current start measurement value is 5A*0.005=25mA, that is to say, the smaller the basic current value outside the brackets of the meter with the same accuracy, the higher the sensitivity of the meter, not because its load capacity becomes smaller.
60 in brackets is the maximum current. This value needs to be determined according to the total power of the household appliances at the measurement location. The total power/200V is the maximum current, and the maximum current can be within the range of the meter. If the actual load current exceeds the range of the installed meter, there will be safety hazards in long-term use.

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