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10 Channel DCDU 12B

• Rated Voltage: DC -48V

• Installation: Rack-Mounted

 Input current: 160A

Product Description

The DCDU-12B provides 2 input terminal blocks and 10 individually fused outputs, a high-reliability DC power distribution unit (PDU), and direct DC connectors for easy installation. Widely used in telecommunications, Beidou, mobile, China Unicom, electric power, military, public security and other industries.

The device provides 10 channel -48V DC power outputs, and through the selection of different insurance configurations, it can meet the distribution and use of various scenarios such as distributed and split base stations.

Input characteristics
Rated input voltage-48VDC
Input voltage range-38.4VDC~57VDC
Input modesupport M6 dual OT terminals
Maximum input currentmaximum 160A
Output characteristics
Rated output voltage-48VDC
Rated voltage range-38.4VDC~57VDC
Output branch10*30A (6 large quick-plug terminals + 4 small quick-plug terminals)
Output protection features10 outputs have insurance protection function
Circuit voltage drop of distribution boxnot more than 0.5V
DC lightning protectionDifferential mode 10kA, common mode 20kA, 8/20μs
Environment and Installation
Working temperature-40℃~+65℃
Storage temperature-40℃~+70℃
Relative humidity≤95%
Sea wave heightWork normally within the range of -60 ~ 4000m
Compliant with standardsIEC60950-1, EN60960-1, GB4943
Installation methodsupport 19-inch standard rack-mounted and wall-mounted installation methods