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Solar Power Optimizer for Telecommunication

• Solar Panel Full parallel DC stacking solution

• Increase solar panel shading power generation

• Safe, high power generation efficiency

Product Description


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Stacked Photovoltaic System (with AC power supply)

Use the solar power optimizer to convert the output voltage of the photovoltaic module to DC48V and connect it in parallel with the DC busbar of the existing grid switching power supply system to complete the DC side stacking application.

solar power optimizer working principle

⚫ Realize single component DC/DC boost power supply with efficiency >98%
⚫ MPPT tracking of each photovoltaic panel to improve power generation efficiency
⚫ The output voltage range and output high limit specially designed for communication base stations
⚫ Threshold adjustable
⚫ No need for reverse diode, reducing power loss
⚫ There is no fluctuation in the output when starting, and there will be no impact on load equipment and batteries
⚫ Single photovoltaic module parameter collection through PLC
⚫ IP68 rating, maximum operating temperature 85°C, adaptable to various harsh environments

Product typeHP550
Rated input power550W
Maximum input voltage60V
MPP voltage range8~60V
Maximum input current14A
Maximum output voltage60V
Maximum output current14A
Maximum MPPT efficiency99.90%
Maximum conversion efficiency99.40%
Output bypassWith
Output overcurrent protection>14A
Output overvoltage protectionWith
Protection levelIP68
Operating temperature-40℃~+85℃
Monitor communicationsPLC (power carrier)
Input and output terminalsMC4
Output cable length1m
Allows series and parallel connection of photovoltaic panels of different lengthsSupport
Allows mixing and matching of photovoltaic modules of different specificationsSupport
Supported switching power supply systemsNo restrictions on brands and specifications
Dimensions (widthheightdepth)127mm*96mm*29.2mm(Does not include mounting ears and waterproof connectors)
Installation methodComponent frame fixed installation

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