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Hall Sensor

• Input current: 0~50A

• Output Voltage: 0-4V

 Accuracy class: 1

 Auxiliary power: DC DC±12V

 Load resistance: >10kΩ

1. High performance ABS hard shell plastic, strong pressure and corrosion resistance

2. Using temperature compensation circuit to effectively reduce temperature drift to ensure accuracy of measurement

3. Response time<5us.

4. High accuracy,class1.0

5. Band width: 0~20kHZ.

6. Strong anti-interference ability.

7. With current overload protection.

8. Measurement range is 0~±50A.

Rated input current0~50A
Rated output voltage0~4V
Accuracy class1
Auxiliary powerDC±12V
Offset voltage(Ta=+25℃)±5mV
Load resistance10kΩ
Insulation voltage2.5Kv/50Hz/1min
Insulation resistance100MΩ
hall sensor size

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