How To Extend Service Life Of Battery In Telecom Base Stations

Ambient temperature is one of the most important factors affecting battery life. The best ambient temperature of battery is 23~25″C.

Excessive ambient temperature has a great impact on the service life of the battery. When the temperature rises, the corrosion of the battery plate will increase, and more water will be consumed at the same time, which will shorten the battery life. The battery can be obtained in an environment of 25″C Longer service life, if the long-term operating temperature increases by 10°C, the service life will be reduced by about half.

Traditional temperature control solution

In the past, the battery in the base station was usually placed in the same environment as the equipment. The traditional method was to cool the entire base station. The area of an ordinary base station is about 10m2, using computer room air conditioners or commercial air conditioners to maintain the ambient temperature between 23~25°C. To maintain the temperature of the entire space at 23~25°C, usually 3 or 5 HP air conditioners are installed, which consumes huge amounts of electricity.

In order to meet the constant temperature environment in the base station, cooling in summer and heating in winter, the annual energy consumption for base station air conditioning is very huge. Energy saving, emission reduction, and cost reduction have increasingly become the focus of the telecom industry.

Battery cabinet air conditioner temperature control solution

In addition to the battery in the base station, other communication equipment does not have high requirements for the ambient temperature, generally around 35°C, so the low temperature of 23~25°C is actually just to ensure the working environment of the battery. 

In response to this situation, according to the principle of sub-regional placement, Hop Technology has developed battery box air conditioner that can reduce the temperature of the microenvironment to reliably maintain the battery, and cooperate with the constant temperature battery box, which is mainly used to store the storage battery in the communication base station. It is mainly composed of the battery. It is composed of storage box, battery compartment air conditioning and control alarm system. 

That is, the batteries in the base station are uniformly placed in a closed battery box with heat insulation, cabinet air conditioners are installed on the side panels or the front door of the battery box, and the temperature inside the battery box is controlled, so that the working micro-environment temperature of the batteries in the battery box is always It is maintained at 24°C ± 3°C, and the ambient temperature in the base station outside the battery box only needs to be maintained at about 35°C. There are currently two models of thermostatic battery boxes,

Storage in double-door cabinet: 2V, 24 sections (1 set) battery;

Single-door cabinet storage: 12V, 8 (2 groups) batteries. See the figure below for battery placement:

The battery compartment places the battery in a small environment with high cleanliness and no pollution (some base stations use fresh air systems to achieve a clean space), which further extends the service life of the battery. The inability of the battery to work normally in a high temperature environment has always been a difficulty faced by the operation and maintenance personnel, and it has also become the culprit in the computer room’s inability to increase the ambient temperature. The hop battery compartment cabinet air conditioning solution solves the two environments of the battery working area and the non-battery working area. This temperature issue has truly achieved energy saving, consumption reduction, safety and reliability, and overall consideration.

Features of battery cabinet air conditioner:

●Because the cold air is directly sent to the vicinity of the heat source, it can ensure that there are no hot spots in the cabinet, and can prevent dust, moisture and corrosive gases from entering the battery compartment.

●Using a special heat exchanger, the heat exchange is large, the wind resistance is low, the overall structure is solid, dust-resistant, oil-resistant, and anti-corrosion;

●Environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency;

●Exquisite patented quick-installation fixed structure, easy and quick installation process;

●The remote automatic intelligent monitoring system can conduct online monitoring and interactive control of the on-site information of the cabinet temperature control at any time;

●Higher protection level (meeting the national standard internal IP55 and external IP34 requirements), which improves the safety and reliability of battery use;

Installation method of battery cabinet air conditioner: 

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