Telecom Outdoor Cabinet Temperature Control Solution

With the development of communication technology, the 5G era is approaching. As a communication operator, a large number of communication base stations and outdoor communication cabinets need to be established. The temperature control of the electronic equipment in the cabinet is a problem that cannot be ignored, which directly affects the service life of the equipment and the stability of the communication network signal.

The electronic equipment in the communication cabinet generates a lot of heat during operation. If the heat cannot be discharged for a long time, causing the temperature in the cabinet to rise, it will reduce the life of the electronic components or even stop, and the entire network of the cabinet accessories will be disconnected, requiring personnel to be repaired, which wastes a lot of manpower and material resources. Therefore, temperature control products must be used to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and improve the service life and reliability of the equipment.

According to different geographical environments, we have 3 different solutions:

1. If the cabinet is located in an area with a cold environment, even in summer, the ambient temperature is more than ten degrees Celsius. We recommend using an air to air heat exchanger to control the temperature in the cabinet. It achieves the purpose of controlling the temperature inside the cabinet by exchanging the cold air outside the cabinet with the hot air inside the cabinet. Its advantages are low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. If the cabinet is located in an equatorial area with hot weather, the temperature in summer is as high as 40℃. We recommend using a cabinet air conditioner to control the temperature of the cabinet. The cabinet air conditioner adopts an integrated design, which uses compressors and refrigerants to generate cold air to cool the entire cabinet. Its advantage is accurate temperature control, and it can also effectively control the temperature of the cabinet in high temperature weather.

The HOP cabinet air conditioner adopts advanced cooling technology, efficient heat exchanger, and intelligent control scheme to ensure the energy-saving and reliable operation of the temperature control system. The machine adopts an integrated anti-theft design, and the inside and outside of the cabinet are isolated to improve the waterproof and dustproof performance.

Cabinet air conditioners and air to air heat exchangers are used in communication cabinets as well as Mobile communication sites for operators, Small outdoor shelter, Railway electric control cabinet, Outdoor aerial detection station and Control cabinet of card issuing machine.

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