communication solar power system

Communication base station-solar power supply solution system

In order to better serve the coming 5G era, in addition to the large number of base stations and wide coverage, the base stations must have good stability and must ensure uninterrupted power supply 24 hours a day. As the “blood of the base station” power supply system, once a power outage occurs, the staff needs to start the diesel generator to ensure temporary power supply, because in order to achieve good coverage and full coverage, many base stations will be built on high ground, various complex and inconvenient terrains. This results in long maintenance time, difficult maintenance, and high operation and maintenance costs.

The photovoltaic power generation system is used to efficiently use solar energy for power generation and storage. Once a power outage occurs, a distributed photovoltaic power generation system is used to ensure that the base station is still efficient and stable. Whether in terms of practicality, economy or aspect, it has extremely high installation and supporting value.

communication solar power system

Communication base stations located in remote areas can generally only draw electricity from rural power grids, with poor grid stability, long transmission lines, poor reliability of power supply systems, and high construction costs. For the power supply of communication base stations in the area, the communication base stations use solar power generation systems, which do not require energy distribution, are not restricted by the project environment, are easy to construct, and have low construction costs. The power generation system configuration scheme can be designed according to the requirements of different power loads of communication base stations to meet the requirements of power loads of various communication base stations, which is conducive to ensuring safe and smooth communication.

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