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Do Telecom Power Need to be Monitored?

1. Common faults of telecom power

Fire and explosion of telecom power

At present, explosion and fire accidents of battery in data center occur frequently, causing serious losses to owners. Generally, battery in computer room explodes and catches fire because one battery is not properly managed after cracking, and the battery deteriorates rapidly. Since batteries are used in series and parallel, as long as one battery catches fire, the whole piece will spread instantly, causing a major fire accident.

2. The important role of online monitoring of telecom power

With the development of technology, a new detection method has emerged. The detection technology of online monitoring of battery has begun to be applied to battery monitoring in data center, which has been proved to be a very necessary and effective method through a lot of time.

telecom power
The main functions of online battery monitoring are:

1 Prevent accidents. By online monitoring of batteries, early warning can be given and management can be controlled.

2 Online 24-hour monitoring, accurate measurement data, and battery status at any time, greatly reducing manual maintenance.

3 Networked and automated management can be achieved, and remote monitoring can be realized.

4 The operating data of batteries of different brands can be accumulated, and future product selection can be realized through big data analysis.

5 Save a lot of manpower and material resources.

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